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Photo: Sam Barham (@sbarham)

Hoxton Moto’s Hilarious Tribute to Bruce Brown’s iconic On Any Sunday

Bruce Brown’s 1971 film On Any Sunday has to be the most influential and beloved motorcycle film of all time. From the opening sequence of kids imitating dirt bikes on their bicycles to the multi-discipline racing talents of Grand National champion Mert Lawwill, from the freewheeling style of Dave Aldana to the desert racing sequences of Malcolm Smith and Steve McQueen (who helped finance the production), it’s an unforgettable film that captures the buoyant spirit of life on two wheels — particularly in the 1960s.

Recently, we heard from our friend Shaun Fenton of Hoxton Moto, who’s not only a bike builder but filmmaker whose newest project is On Any Other Sunday — a tongue-in-cheek tribute / spoof of the original film, which stars Dave Schofield (Mert), a 31-year-old HGV driver from South East England, as he competes in the annual Malle Mile — “The Greatest and Most Inappropriate Motorcycle Race & Festival in the Country” (UK). Says Shaun:

“We adapted the original script of the Mert Lawwill sequences and mimicked the visual set-ups and structure, trying to be as loyal to the original with subtle audible and visual references. However, we couldn’t resist some silly and childish humour in places.”

Photo: Sam Barham (@sbarham)

Our favorite part may be when Dave leaves to race in the 2022 Malle Mile:

“Dave Schofield is a gentle man in a violent world.  His job as a professional racer takes him on the road for one weekend a year.  He leaves his wife and her personal trainer at home in a suburb of Rochester, Kent county, to compete in the national championship…”

If this film doesn’t put a smile on your face, we’re not sure what will. Enjoy!


Hot shot and motorcycle racer Dave Schofield (Mert) is last year’s racing champion. To hold on to the championship he has entered the Sprint, Hill Climb ,and 500 events at the Malle Mile inappropriate motorcycle festival. Dave is totally committed to his racing ambition. He spends at least ten minutes in his workshop preparing his highly tuned Honda Cub and Suzuki GS400 for racing. Dave and his dad spend hours on the road, driving across the country to find the event.

Within the busy weekend racing schedule, Dave always finds time to spend cherished moments with his eight fans, signing autographs and posing for selfies of himself.

As the racing action unfolds, sadly — due to alcohol poisoning and a recurring fungal infection — Dave’s not on form and cannot get the points needed to retain his championship title. This leaves four other contenders in a shoot-out for glory.

Behind The Film

Photo: Sam Barham (@sbarham)

As huge fans of On Any Sunday we have always wanted to pay homage to this iconic 70s documentary. However, we had never found the right rider to capture the spirit of it until we came across Dave at the Malle Mile.

Dave is unpretentiously charming with a zest for life. More importantly, he does not take himself too seriously. Dave’s quirks and our low budget inspired us to create this spoof doc.

Dave, a 31-year-old HGV driver from South East England, is an average bloke who races his Honda Cub and Suzuki GS400 for the sheer fun of it. Like ourselves he’d been regularly attending the Malle Mile. Whilst Dave lacks the professional status of Mert Lawwill from On Any Sunday, he was perfect for a spoof.

And much to our surprise Dave agreed to take part.

Photo: Sam Barham (@sbarham)

We adapted the original script of the Mert Lawwill sequences and mimicked the visual set-ups and structure, trying to be as loyal to the original with subtle audible and visual references. However, we couldn’t resist some silly and childish humour in places.

Dave brings a natural comedy to his scenes. The original opening reveal of a man walking down a street, the workshop and travelling shots and the tyre modification sequences were direct from the original. Dave doesn’t have the huge fan base of Mert Lawwill but his mates were happy to step in as spoof “fans.” Dave’s wife has a tongue in cheek role when we see her absolutely delighted to see the back of Dave as he leaves home to compete. And even Dave’s dad steps in to appear as his coach, friend and father figure.

We initially wanted to use the music from the original film by Dominic Frontiere but were unable to get clearance, so we sourced 70/80’s music which gives a nod to the original documentary score.

From the outset, we wanted an American voiceover and hit it lucky when Ichiban Moto agreed to do the narration. He instantly got what we were trying to achieve and delivered the perfect Bruce Brown style voice over. Editing and scripting in the UK, we’d send Ichiban Moto clips and he’d record the narration in his studio in America and email it back to us. It is his unique voice – and Dave’s complete lack of guile – which makes this spoof work.

Dave – Background

Photo: Sam Barham (@sbarham)

Been riding since I was probably 7 years old? My old man got me an Italjet 70 and built it up for me when I was old enough! It’s been a slippery slope since then!

I started actually racing in 2015, taking part in the NMRRC known today as the British Mini Bike Championship, got a couple of podiums in the stock 140 class, but that really was my gateway into tarmac racing — I’e done various other events but mostly on classic bikes!

I’ve always been a tarmac racer but have started branching out into the dirt — enduro mostly, borrowing my mate’s spare bike — but I’m pretty much up for giving anything a go. I really fancy giving flat track a bash!

Prior to the bikes I actually played ice hockey since age 13. I’ve been all over the world to play including Canada and the Czech Republic; ice hockey has always been a key part of my life and I don’t think I’ll ever lose the love for it!

My biggest motivation for racing is the fact I can do it with my dad, he’s my biggest influence as we got into it as novices doing the Malle events and a few other smaller known bits — the feeling of riding side by side to your old man is like nothing I can even begin to describe!

When Shaun (Hoxton Moto) approached me with the spoof, I grinned from ear to ear — I’ve always been somewhat of a joker and purely up for having a laugh, so this was properly up my street. I live to make people laugh and see them smile, and I knew with Shaun being at the helm that’s exactly the outcome we’d receive! I’ve got a wicked bunch of bike mates that would want to get involved so I knew it was going to be a hit!

Film Credits

Photo: Sam Barham (@sbarham)

Narrated by Ichiban Moto, On Any Other Sunday is very loosely based on the legendary Mert Lawwill sequences from the original film.

The film also features riders; Jon Gaymer, Danners, Arri Cooper, Obed Cooper and Carl Simpson. Other mentioned are; Clive Hillman, Jon Betts, Moto Mandi, David Irons, Pete Stanfield, Mike Federer, Trevor Schofield, Saffron Davies Deen, Ben Eddings, Alex Elbrow and Jamie Skinner.

Thanks to Robert, Jonny, and the Malle London crew (@mallelondon), and all the inappropriate racers at the Malle Mile Event and Professor Christopher Staecker.

Special thank you to Tim Schofield — aka Dave’s dad.
And to Dave for letting us take the mickey out of him.

Thumbnail image by Sam Barham (@sbarham)
Other images by Ben London and Kevin Bennett (@kevinbennettphotography)

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