Alps Carver: Aprilia 900 Dorsoduro “Factory”


Tribute Edition: 100-hp V-twin Supermoto from Eddy Cuccaro… 

The Aprilia Dorsoduro is the Italian marque’s line of V-twin supermotos named after the Dorsoduro (“Hard Ridge”) highlands of Northern Italy. These potent “maxi-motos” compete with the Ducati Hypermotard and other high-powered multicylinder motards from Husqvarna, KTM, etc.

Dorsoduro 900

The original 750 Dorsoduro was available from 2008-2015, including a high-spec “Factory” edition with Sachs 43mm fully adjustable front forks and carbon fiber fairings. However, the 95-hp 900 Dorsoduro never received the Factory touch before succumbing to Euro5 standards in 2021…until our friend Eddy Cuccaro (@l_etabli_d_eddy) got his hands on one, that is.


You may remember Eddy from his wildly popular Suzuki DR600 café racer — a supermono machine he built for ripping around the French Alps he calls home. With such roads at his mercy, you can count on the French metalworker to turn out builds meant to go as well as they show. In this case, he decided to create the 900 Dorsoduro Factory edition that Aprilia never did.

Suzuki DR600 Cafe Racer
Eddy’s DR600 Supermono

Eddy tracked down the rare, fully-adjustable Sachs front fork and rear shock from the 750 Factory, upgraded the brakes with better Brembo calipers, and adapted the lighter-weight aluminum subframe from the 1200 Dorsoduro. Other highlights carbon-fiber Rotobox wheels, Roadsitalia carbon / titanium exhaust, a new Bultex seat with Joan Sellerie cover, and more.


The modifications dropped the Dorsoduro’s wet weight nearly 50 pounds — 467 to 419 lbs — while increasing horsepower into the triple digits. As you can imagine, these differences are translated straight to the saddle, making this 900 Dorsoduro Factory edition a real weapon in the mountains:

“It is effortlessly controlled on the brakes and at lean…It’s a great machine now. I use it a lot for mountain riding in the Alps.”

Below, we talk to Eddy for the full story on rthis azor sharp tribute to an extinct breed of V-twin supermoto.

Aprilia 900 Dorsoduro Factory: Builder Interview

Aprilia 900 Dorsoduro Factory

• What’s the make, model, and year of the bike?

2018 Aprilia 900 Dorsoduro.

Aprilia 900 Dorsoduro Factory

• Why was this bike built?

This is a personal project to pay tribute to this model whose production has been stopped because of Euro5 standards. Aprilia had released a higher performance version of its old 750 Dorsoduro model called “Factory.” It had better suspension and carbon fairings. The 900 was not entitled to this optimized version.

It has always been a little behind the competition (Ducati Hypermotard, KTM 990SM etc…)

Aprilia 900 Dorsoduro

• What was the design concept and what influenced the build?

I wanted to pay tribute to this model by equipping it like the “Factory” versions with some special parts.

900 Dorsoduro Factory

• What custom work was done to the bike?

I fitted it with “Factory” parts like its fork and its shock absorber as well as Brembo calipers more efficient than the original ones.

I also adapted the rear frame of the 1200 version because it is aluminum (2.7 kg less). The rear shell has been redone in aluminum and has also been shortened to refine the silhouette.

900 Dorsoduro Factory

I fitted Rotobox Boost rims to gain liveliness, braking, and acceleration. As for the engine, it has a sports air filter, a box to optimize the air / fuel mixture.

For aesthetics, I opened the clutch housing and modified the saddle to mount bultex foam for better comfort and a cover for the more aesthetic side (from Joan Sellerie). I made a plate holder out of aluminum to save weight and for looks.

Aprilia 900 Dorsoduro

It is fitted with Roadsitalia carbon/titanium exhausts to free the V-twin and especially for less weight.

900 Dorsoduro Factory

• Does the bike have a nickname?

Aprilia 900 Dorsoduro Tribute Edition or Factory.

• Any idea of weight and/or power numbers?

About 190kg fully fueled and 100hp after testing.

900 Dorsoduro Factory

• Was there anything done during this build that you are particularly proud of?

It was difficult to find the parts like the fork and the shock. The hardest part was the rear frame, which is quite rare. The one I found was damaged. I repaired and reinforced it.

• Can you tell us what it’s like to ride?

The motorcycle has become easy to ride. It is effortlessly controlled on the brakes and at lean. It has torque present at 3500rpm with a peak at 5400rpm. It’s a great machine now. I use it a lot for mountain riding in the Alps.

900 Dorsoduro Factory

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Instagram: @l_etabli_d_eddy
Facebook page: LetablidEddy


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