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Canadian racer Dan Kruger wearing the Arno Bruse Art Helmet “Celebrating Mondrian.”

Recently, we had the pleasure of getting in touch with French product designer Najette Derni, founder of House of Helmet — the world’s first Art gallery for helmets. Najette, who began riding motorcycles while working in India, holds two helmet-related patents and founded the gallery as a way of bringing together the Art and moto communities:

“House of Helmet was born from the idea of bringing together the different communities on a common object that could be useful, beautiful, and meaningful.”

Recently, we spoke with Najette about her work, inspiration, and how interested riders can acquire an Art Helmet from the collection.

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House of Helmet: Founder Interview

• Please tell us a bit about yourself, your work, and your history with motorcycles.

I was born in the north of France and started traveling as soon as I could, fascinated by new cultures and living in other countries while I found an interest. I worked in different fields, a succession of multiple jobs — retail to b2b import/export, publishing magazines to ecommerce, luxury goods to one dollar shops.  Those experiences enabled me to expand my knowledge faster, learning directly from CEO and business owners. Visiting India in 2012 was the initial point where I started riding bikes.

• Tell us about House of Helmet — what is it, and where did the idea or inspiration come from?

House of Helmet was born from the idea of bringing together the different communities on a common object that could be useful, beautiful, and meaningful.

I imagined it like a kaleidoscope of colors and voices where the artists/collaborators express their uniqueness on Art Helmets.

Where does the inspiration come from? The people I had the chance to meet in my life! The richness of working and living with a melting pot of cultures has been one of the most exciting experiences.

Arno Bruse Art Helmet: “Celebrating Mondrian.”

• Can you tell us about the various collections, direct artist collaborations versus masters?

The two aspects of the collection complete each other. The direct artist collaborations allow me to showcase an artist’s original painting and promote their work.

“Untitled” from Ze Rui:  Pure geometry of memories and emotions.

The masters revisit original paintings from private collections and museums — a familiar perspective for the viewer, but with a personal touch.

• How are the artworks applied to the helmets?

At this stage, the artwork reproduction on the helmet is exclusively made to order and hand-painted by an automotive painter. In less than a year, the process will be automated thanks to robotic technology from a company specializing in mechatronics.

• What model of helmets are available as Art Helmets?

With the homologation according to the buyer’s location, the type of helmets proposed are now for different sports disciplines: motorcycle, bicycle, horse riding, and skiing, with a growing selection of models from AGV, ARAI, Bell, Shoei, POC, Specialized, GPA.

• Can you highlight some of your favorite artists/pieces currently listed?

It’s always difficult to choose my favorite, I love them all for different reasons!

Therefore I’ve tried to select a range of designs that challenge assumptions with their uniqueness and reflect an inclusive awareness.

“Be” from Acacio Viejas
The fruit of an expansion of consciousness, opening new paths of semantic exploration of forms.

“Highway to Freedom” from Chu Le Kudd
A combination of symbols and words that reflect his familiarity and interest in areas such as race, inequality, mental health, and popular culture.

“Mother” from Alea Pinar Dupre
By dismembering the paintings and preconceptions, she aims at building a dynamic of difference and wholeness.

“Endless Kiss” from Natalia Lvova
An Ode to love without translation where figures are distilled to their elemental forms, becoming fragments of an immersive kaleidoscope.
-Original painting available

“A Dark Thought” from Werner Drewes
Inspired by Kandinsky and using the Bauhaus approach, he became one of the founding members of the American Abstract Artists group, fostering the public understanding and acceptance of abstract art. The original painting is visible on request at Drewes Fine Arts gallery.
-Current value is estimated between $55,000 – $110,000

“Celebrating Mondrian” from Arno Bruse
Playing with the limits of reality and bridging nature’s spirit with modern city life, Pop Art is his late major shift.

“Fluidity” from Beth Rodway
The representation of growth through almost spidery shapes transcribes the uniqueness of each individual.
-Original painting available

“Broadway” from Howard Danelowitz
Through geometric forms and transparencies, he captured the colors and the aliveness of Broadway.
-Original painting available

“Flying lovers” from Hildegarde Handsaeme
In a pictorial equilibrated and harmonic way, Hildegarde plays with lines, curves and colors leaving nothing to fate.
-Original painting available

“Golden Gate” from Leslie Morgan
Hybrid arts of painting, collage and photography, she explores ideas tied to nostagia, female icons and environment with magical nuances of water, both above its surface, below its depths and everywhere in between.

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