Production Waterbike: Kawasaki Ninja H2O

At the 2014 Intermot Motorcycle Show in Cologne, Kawasaki introduced the mind-blowing 310 horsepower H2R — a supercharged track-only hyperbike that quickly established itself as the fastest production motorcycle ever built. Kawasaki quickly followed with the street-legal H2, which produces more than 200 horsepower at the rear wheel.

“The H2 has never lacked in the trouser department and the way it surges smoothly forward in a cocoon of strange calm, as it manically hoovers up the horizon in any gear, at any rpm, still defies belief.” –MCN

Kawasaki H2R

Now, exactly 10 years since the introduction of the original H2R, the mighty Kawasaki hyperbikes are preparing to conquer new territories: the water. Yes, that’s right, Kawasaki has announced production of the Ninja H2O, the world’s first aquatic hyperbike.

“Based on the H2, the Ninja H2O allows riders to go where few riders have gone before and extend their ride across the water. Summer rides no longer need stop at the beach; the Ninja H2O switches from ‘Road’ to ‘Water’ mode with the press of a button… Returning to road riding is equally simple, return to the water’s edge and re-engage ‘Road’ mode.”

Water Model

Kawasaki’s shipbuilding headquarters in Kobe, Japan, provided the base for much of the work, with ideal facilities for testing the new machine in a controlled environment. Years of collaborative R&D led to the development of several new technologies, foremost of which is the Super-Thrust Reverse Impeller (STRI) system, which uses the supercharged engine to power a water-jet propulsion system when ridden on the water.

Set New Limits

The technology doesn’t stop at the engine. All of the body and mechanical components have been coated in dactari, a substance originally developed for deep sea submersibles. The coating provides unparalleled protection from corrosion and biofouling — the growth of algae, barnacles, and other marine life on hulls and other components.

Kawasaki Ultra 310: Basis for the H2O waterborne design

Unlike the road-going H2 models, the H2O comes standard with a marine GPS navigation system with a ‘To Shore’ mode for the shortest routes back to public boat ramps, marinas, or the original launching point.

“Special attention has been paid to maintain a consistent feel between modes, so that road riders will be feel as comfortable on the water as they do on the tarmac.”

Kawasaki sees the H2O waterbike as a flagship model that exemplifies the singular excellence of their varied industries.

The Ninja H2O is a truly unique machine and perfect encapsulates the varied sectors which Kawasaki Heavy Industries are involved in.”

Japan will be the first country to receive the Ninja H2O in Q4 2024. The press launch will begin at the H2O’s birthplace at the Kobe Works ship-building headquarters before riding via the road to Kagawa. The return will involving cross the Seto Inland Sea via Shodoshima, known as Olive Island. The production Kawasaki Ninja H2O waterbike is scheduled for global release in early 2025.


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