Bike Shed Moto Show 2024

Bike Shed Moto Show 2024
Alonze 600 Special

From May 24-26, the 2024 Bike Shed Moto Show rolled into London’s Tobacco Docks. Many of you might know the Bike Shed from their headquarters in London’s Shoreditch neighborhood, a destination for motorcycle aficionados from all over the UK, Europe, and the world at large. But the Bike Shed Moto Show actually started before the BSMC team opened their London location.

“We started the Bike Shed with our annual show, before any full time destination venue. It was created by a dozen amateur moto enthusiasts as a celebration of motorcycle design, people and culture, reflected in cafe racers, brat-style, scramblers and street trackers.”

Bike Shed Moto Show 2024
“Akira” by Pier City Cycles

Back in 2013, they held their first show under the railway arches just a few hundred yards from their current London location, featuring 55 bikes and attracting around 3000 people. A decade later, they welcomed more than 17,000 people and 300 motorcycles to London’s Tobacco Docks, along with food, bars, vendors, bands, and their ShedTalk podcasts hosted live at the event.

Bike Shed Moto Show 2024
Gus Kuhn Norton from Terence Williams Design

While the show and ‘Shed have both grown, the BSMC team still runs the entire event with help from volunteers and ex-BSMC staff, and the vision of the Bike Shed Show remains the same:

“An annual motorcycle exhibition like no other, celebrating the creative culture around motorcycles and motorcycle people, open to all, whether they Live to Ride or simply enjoy motorcycles as art, engineering, creators of adventures or symbols of independence… We now embrace all styles of two wheels, including adventure, dirt, track/race, street, electric and vintage/classic.”

Bike Shed Moto Show 2024

This year, our man on the ground was Roberto Garagarza (@roga______/), a Mexican photographer based in London who specializes in automotive, motorcycle, architectural, lifestyle, and travel work. Recent clients include Collecting Cars, The Bike Shed, Airbnb, Harrods, and more.

Bike Shed Moto Show 2024
“Desert Wolf” by El Solitario

Roberto’s work is just fantastic — he has a knack for getting just the right angles and lighting of every bike he shoots. Below are some of our favorite bikes and shots from the show. If you’d like to see a full feature on any of these bikes, let us know!

Bike Shed Show: Highlights

Bike Shed Moto Show 2024

Bike Shed Moto Show 2024 Bike Shed Moto Show 2024

Bike Shed Moto Show 2024

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