1976 Kawasaki 850/5


1976 Kawasaki 850/5

One of UK engineer Allen Millyard's amazing creations, this bike began life as a three-cylinder 500cc H1, but now boasts an extra two cylinders -- an 862cc five-cylinder two-stroke!

  1. Why a 5 cyl? Instead I would have connected 2 engines together with 4 bearings roller like Yamaha tzs not ball bearings , seems odd that Kawasaki missed the carb position trick n also odd no. Of cyls tzs run by the twos ign. exhaust.easier engineering 135 vs.246 cyls…

    1. Why?.. Because you’re not Allen Millyard and you didnt do it, wont do it, and probably couldn’t do it. He is, he did, and he can. Just salute genius, and dream quietly. Cheers.

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