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Triumph Bonneville Insurance

Bonneville Insurance

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The Triumph Bonneville is one of the most legendary names in motorcycling, a British parallel twin with class, character, and heritage in ample measure. The bike was named for the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, where Triumph competed for many land speed records. Production of the original Bonnie ended in 1983. However, in 2000, the new Bonneville was launched out of the Triumph Hinckley factory to widespread applause from both daily riders and industry insiders.

The various Triumph Bonneville T100 has become one of the most popular roadsters of the modern era, a “modern classic” machine with a punchy, 790-900cc parallel twin and classic flair. Unfortunately, insuring a motorcycle can be expensive. While a Bonneville certainly won’t cost as much as a Daytona or Speed Triple, you’ll want to compare quotes from different companies to ensure you get the best, lowest rate. Fortunately, we can help.

Triumph Bonneville Insurance

Triumph Bonneville Insurance Rates

Insurance premiums are impacted by a wide range of variables, making it very difficult to estimate the rate for any given rider. Variables include state of residence, driving record, age, and more. That said, we can provide a few example rates from other Bonneville owners/riders.

  • Male, New Jersey, Full Coverage:  $350/year
  • Male, Iowa, Full Coverage:  $200/year
  • Male, Los Angeles, Full Coverage: $380/year
  • Male, North Carolina, Full Coverage:  $350/year
  • Male, Arizona, Liability-only: $87/year
  • Male, South Carolina, Full Coverage (no medical): $200/year
  • Male, Maryland, 50s, Full Coverage: $274/year
  • Male, South Dakota, 60s, Full Coverage:  $88/year

As you can see, rates vary widely from rider to rider. For his reason, it’s important to compare quotes from multiple companies.  Says a senior member of the Triumph Rat forum:

“Consumer Reports recently had a study on auto insurance, and I believe it equally applies to motorcycle insurance – there is no rhyme or reason to how rates are constituted and applied across the country…so do some more homework if you are concerned. I did this, this year and switched insurers after being with the same company for probably 10 years or more…check it out, don’t be hesitant to do that.”

Fortunately, we can help!

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Triumph Insurance

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Keeping Your Rate Low

Once you’ve secured your rate, you want to keep it low and/or lower your premiums if possible. Given that Ducati Scrambler insurance can range between $25 to $150+ per month for full coverage, you will want to do everything possible to keep your costs down.

  • If you are a student, most insurers offer a discount for maintaining a high GPA. This is known as a Good Student Discount. For most insurers that GPA is in excess of a 3.0, but you will have to ask the insurer you choose.
  • Graduating from a weekend Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) course will improve your riding skills and lower your premiums by a set percentage, sometimes as much as 15%!
  • Traffic violations are guaranteed to raise your premiums. Maintaining a clean record will keep your rate low.

About the Triumph Bonneville

The modern Triumph Bonneville was re-introduced in 2000 — the first new Bonneville in 15 years!

Overall, the Bonneville has been available in three different production runs:

  • 1959-1983
  • 1985-1988
  • 2001-Present

The original “Bonnie” debuted in 1959 as an air-cooled 650cc parallel twin. This was the T120 Bonneville. In the 1970s, the T140 Bonneville replaced this model with larger 750cc engine. In 1975, the gear shift lever was moved to the left side of the bike to meet new US regulations.

From 1985-1988, the Devon Bonnevilles were produced but not available in the USA. In 2000, the new Bonneville T100 was introduced. Over the years, the new Bonneville has been available in 800, 900, and 1200 engine capacities. There have been several bikes derived from the Bonneville platform, including the Bonneville SE, Bobber, Street Twin, T100, T120, Thruxton, Thruxon R, Scrambler, America, Speedmaster.

Triumph Bonneville Insurance

Triumph Thruxton Insurance

Some users have reported that the more sport-oriented, 1200cc Thruxton can cost twice as much to insure as the T100. For this reason, riders interested in customizing their Bonnevilles into cafe racers sometimes opt to start with the basic Bonneville, not the Thruxton, in order to save money on insurance.

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