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Here at BikeBound, we think that motorcyclists should not be faced with overpriced premiums. To find the lowest rates possible, you’ll want to assess the premiums made available from rivaling insurance companies. Please make sure to type in your postal code into the field provided to begin comparing rates and policies.

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Motorcycle Insurance Laws and Requirements

The state of Alabama dictates the minimum motorcycle insurance required. Liability insurance pays to reimburse other motorists for injuries or property damage caused by an accident. Your liability protection has to meet or exceed specific minimum caps established by the state of Alabama.

  • For Injuries to a Single Party: $25,000
  • For Injury to Two or More Persons: $50,000
  • For Property Damage: $25,000

You might want to talk with a broker to figure out how much coverage will meet your needs. Keep in mind, liability does not protect your bike in an accident. Rather, it protects your bank account against damages inflicted on others in the event of an accident. To protect your bike itself, you need collision and/or comprehensive coverage. The former protects your bike in a collision, the second from non-traffic incidents related to weather, crime, etc.

Minimizing Your Premiums

Hoping to maintain the lowest insurance premiums as you can? There are various steps you can take.

  • Sign up for a course from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF).
  • Avoid traffic violations.
  • Only pay for liability and collision during the riding season.
  • Steer clear of high-premium bikes if possible.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in Bessemer

Without allowing for a few important factors, it’s tough to estimate what it will cost to insure a bike.

For example:

  • Type of Motorcycle.
  • Age and Driving History.
  • Coverage Options.
  • Coverage Caps.

To determine what you’ll be charged, you will need to provide some of this data. Thankfully, we can help you do this on the web. To get started, enter in your zip code. Determine which insurers appeal to you, then compare policies and premiums.

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