Motorcycle Insurance Birmingham (AL)

The Birmingham area offers some fantastic roads for motorcyclists. But of course, to enjoy the area on two wheels, you have to maintain insurance. We can help you insure your bike the very first time or find a policy that is less expensive and meets your needs better. What’s even better, we show you how to do pretty much everything without leaving your computer. We help Alabama riders get the best coverage with the lowest rates. Some of the most popular bikes to insure include:

  • Cruisers
  • Sport Bikes
  • Touring Bikes
  • Scooters and Mopeds
  • Custom Bikes

Insurance providers are actually competing for your business on our site, ensuring that you get the best possible deal available in your area. Getting started takes just 10 seconds. Find the policy you need at a price you can afford. Submit your zip code to begin.

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Motorcycle Insurance Laws

Alabama dictates the minimum motorcycle insurance required. Liability insurance provides protection from claims of injuries or damage to other people or property. Your liability protection will need to satisfy or exceed certain minimum caps for bodily injuries to others and damage to third party property.

Birmingham AL Motorcycle Insurance
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  • For Injuries to a Single Party: $25,000
  • For Injuries to Two or More Persons: $50,000
  • For Property Damage: $25,000

Yes, if you just want the most affordable motorcycle insurance in Birmingham, only insuring yourself up to these amounts will have the desired effect. However, smart riders go with more coverage than the state minimums. Why? The Insurance Research Council 12% of Alabama road users are uninsured. You might want to look at Uninsured Motorist coverage so that you’ll be covered in the event that the other motorist has limited or no liability insurance.

How to Keep Your Premiums Affordable

Trying to keep your insurance premiums down? There are a number of things you can do.

  • Go through a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic Rider Course. Most insurance companies provide a 10-20% discount for passing an MSF course.
  • Keep a clear driving record. We all know this, but it still bears mentioning.
  • Get a lay-up policy. This is useful for those who don’t ride during the winter months.
  • Ride a low-premium bike. In general, vintage bikes, cruisers, and dual-sports are cheapest to insure.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in Birmingham

There are numerous factors that help establish the cost of motorcycle insurance. Most often, riders only think about the type of bike they own and their driving history, but factors such as location, coverage limits, and discount rates all contribute to the cost of insurance.

Luckily, we work with lots of the very best motorcycle insurance companies, which can supply you with prices online. When you submit your zip code, you’ll see a list of trusted motorcycle insurance companies in Birmingham. Then you can start looking at rates and policies from the insurers you choose.

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Insuring Your Parts and Accessories

Perhaps you’ve added custom parts and accessories to your bike? If so, you should purchase additional coverage to protect your custom bike parts and accessories. Custom parts and equipment coverage, often called CPE, covers any additional custom parts and accessories that weren’t on the original bike. You really should consider this coverage if you like customizing your bike.