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There are some excellent rides within striking distance of El Monte, but you have to be insured before you throttle up. Unfortunately, this can get expensive. Not satisfied to sit on our laurels, we joined forces with insurance carriers that cater to El Monte riders. They may even offer special discounts for military riders, seniors, and those who have passed a Motorcycle Safety Foundation course. Just type in your zip code to see which insurance companies provide coverage in El Monte.

Minimum Motorcycle Insurance: El Monte

California has set forth the minimum coverage required for liability coverage. Liability coverage provides protection from claims arising from injury or damage to third parties or property. Your liability protection must meet or surpass certain minimum limits established by the state of California.

  • For Injuries to a Single Party: $15,000
  • For Injuries to Two or More Persons: $30,000
  • For Damages to Personal Property: $5,000

How much coverage should you carry? That depends. On one hand, only holding $15,000/$30,000/$5,000 of CA motorcycle insurance is the most cost effective option. Yet less coverage will translate to more risk that your insurance payout won’t cover your total healthcare costs if you injure or get injured by another motorist. Remember that the cost of health care and personal property often goes upmore quickly than state liability limits get changed.

Decreasing Your Premiums

Insurance rates can be very high, especially if you own a sport bike or V-twin cruiser. We know several ways to trim your monthly payments.

  • Go through a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) class. This can get you a discount of as much as 20%.
  • Keep a clean driving history. Everyone understands this, but it’s still worth mentioning.
  • Buy a lay-up policy. This will suspend coverage during the cold months, which can save you quite a bit.
  • Ride a low-premium bike. Sport bikes, especially those with more than 1000cc, are the most costly to insure.

El Monte Motorcycle Insurance Quotes

There are numerous factors that help establish the cost of motorcycle insurance. As an example:

  • Make/Model of Motorcycle.
  • Driving History.
  • Coverage Options.
  • Coverage Caps.

Luckily, we work with lots of the very best motorcycle insurance companies, which can provide you price quotes and coverage on the internet.

To start, just enter in your zip code. You’ll be able to begin researching rates and policies from the insurance companies you select.

Custom Parts and Accessories Coverage

For anybody who has a custom bike, you’ll want to purchase supplemental coverage to protect your custom bike accessories and parts. Custom parts and equipment coverage, commonly known as CPE, covers any additional accessories that didn’t come on the bike as it came from the factory–parts you installed after you bought the bike.

If you don’t have this coverage, you will only be compensated for the value of a stock bike. You won’t get a cent for all those custom parts or accessories you’ve bought and added.

CA Coverage

Rates & Policies Online

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