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There are some first-rate rides in the Garden Grove area, so don’t let excessive insurance rates keep you grounded. We’re riders too, and we know how irritating excessive insurance rates can be. Our team has has teamed up with a range of major motorcycle insurance companies to make it simpler, easier, and less expensive to secure an insurance policy for your bike. Enter your zip code to see which carriers are available in Garden Grove.

Minimum Motorcycle Insurance

The state of California dictates the minimum motorcycle insurance required. Liability insurance indemnifies the insured for sums he may be required by law to pay a third party as damages for bodily injury or property damage. California has published the minimum liability amounts for which you need to be covered. There are 3 minimum liability caps specified:

Garden Grove CA Motorcycle Insurance
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  • $15,000: Liability Coverage for Personal Injuries to a Single Individual in an Accident
  • $30,000: Liability Coverage for Personal Injury of All People in an Accident
  • $5,000: Liability Coverage for Property Damage

Remember, these are merely the minimum limits. If you want the least expensive motorcycle insurance in Garden Grove, only getting insured up to these levels will have the desired effect, but bear in mind: liability insurance only covers your own legal liability. Imagine if an uninsured motorist collides with you and it’s their fault? For that, you need Uninsured Motorist insurance. To help protect your bike, you need full coverage or comprehensive motorcycle insurance.

How to Keep Your Premiums Affordable

For the majority of California riders, saving money is a high priority. We know a number of ways to lower your rates.

The type of bike you’re insuring is an important factor. UJMs, cruisers, and motards tend to be the cheapest to insure, with smaller engine sizes translating to more affordable premiums. Sport bikes and expensive baggers and exotics are known to carry the highest insurance premiums. Most insurers offer big reduced premiums for those who finish a Motorcycle Safety Foundation class, often 10-20%. If your bike stays in the garage once the the temperatures start falling, consider a lay up policy. With this, you only pay for full coverage during the warm months.

Everybody knows this, but staying off the law’s radar, literally, is crucial–tickets spike your premiums.

Garden Grove Motorcycle Insurance Quotes

There are lots of variables that go into determining the cost of motorcycle insurance. A little information on you and your bike is really needed to gauge your premiums. Fortunately, we can help you to compare policies and rates from a wide selection of highly regarded insurance companies.

To start, all you have to do is submit your zip code. From there, you can select the insurance providers that interest you.

Sportbike Insurance in Garden Grove

Sport bikes are popular among many Garden Grove area riders. Sadly, they are the priciest type of motorcycles to keep insured. That’s because, statistically speaking, they’re more dangerous than other types of bikes. Your record will have a serious impact on the cost of coverage. Premiums decrease considerably as you age. A lot of sportbike riders neglect to purchase any coverage beside liability, to help save money. This isn’t a good idea, since even a single drop can cause hundreds of dollars in damage to the plastics of these bikes.

Scooter Coverage

Consider insuring your scooter, regardless of what the law states. Normally, the rates are quite reasonable, and those few extra bucks could save you a ton if you’re involved in an accident. Liability is often all you need.

Dirt Bike and ATV Insurance coverage

If you ride in the dirt, you’ll want to consider getting insurance for your dirt bike or four-wheeler. The fact is, some off-road parks require you to carry liability insurance, just in case you hurt another rider while on the trail or in the woods. Make sure to get hold of your local riding areas to determine whether you need insurance.

Insuring Custom Bikes

Garden Grove has a fairly strong custom bike scene. If your bike has significant aftermarket parts or custom work hours, you should think about Custom Parts and Equipment (CPE) coverage. Without coverage, the replacement of non-factory parts aren’t going to be covered if there’s an accident. No, you’ll only be compensated for the value of your stock bike.

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