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Insuring your bike shouldn’t break the bank, but some insurers charge too much for bikes. Here you’ll discover trusted carriers that meet the needs of riders in La Puente. Compare policies, premiums that meets your needs and budget.

Minimum Motorcycle Insurance: La Puente

California dictates the minimum motorcycle insurance required. Liability coverage provides coverage for riders who have been found at fault for the injuries or property damage of a third party. Your liability insurance will need to satisfy or surpass certain minimum limits for personal injury to others and damages to 3rd party property.

  • For Injury to a Single Individual: $15,000
  • For Injury to All Persons: $30,000
  • For Damages to Personal Property: $5,000

Trying to decide how much coverage to carry? On the one hand, just carrying $15,000/$30,000/$5,000 of CA motorcycle insurance is the cheapest way to go. Alternatively, less coverage will translate to higher risk that your insurance payout will not cover your total health care fees if you injure or get injured by another motorist. Remember that the cost of health care and personal property often increases much faster than state liability levels are changed.

Saving on Motorcycle Insurance

Hoping to keep your insurance rates as low as possible? There are a number of actions to take.

Insurance rates vary substantially depending on the style of motorcycle you own. Generally, the more the horsepower, the higher the insurance. Completion of a Motorcycle Safety Foundation course will get you a 10-20% with many insurance companies. If your motorcycle stays in the garage once the cold weather makes its presence felt, give some thought to a lay up policy. That way, you only pay for full coverage during the months you actually ride.

This is a no brainer, but controlling your throttle hand is extremely important–traffic violations increase your premiums significantly.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in La Puente

Your rates will be determined by a wide array of interrelated factors. Variables include the model of your bike, the degree of coverage you want, your driving history, and more. In order to get an accurate notion of what your premiums will be, you need to supply some of these details. Luckily, we can help you do this online. Enter your zip code, and you’ll see a list of insurance providers interested in covering La Puente riders. Next, you can pick the insurers that interest you.

Protecting Your Accessories and Parts

Modifying your bike is nearly as fun as riding. In order to cover your full investment, you should purchase special coverage to cover your custom bike accessories and parts. Custom parts and equipment coverage (CPE) covers any accessories that didn’t come on the bike as it was manufactured. You need to consider this coverage if you spend money customizing your bike.

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