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If you don’t shop around, you could wind up paying too much to insure your bike. Fortunately, we let you compare rates from reputable insurance providers–on the web.

Coverage Types for Lakewood Riders

There are actually a few different types of insurance policy coverage from which you can choose.

  • Liability Coverage: This component of your insurance policy covers property damage and personal injury caused by you in an accident. Bear in mind, liability does not cover your own machine or medical bills if you’re injured.
  • Collision Coverage: This pays to repair or replace your bike in case of a collision with another vehicle or object.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: This pays to repair your bike if it’s damaged in some way other than a collision. Examples include:
    • Vandalism
    • Natural Disaster
    • Arson

    This is sometimes known as Other Than Collision insurance.

  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage: This makes sure you’re paid for any injury you receive from an insured or underinsured driver. With the surge in uninsured motorists of late, this is a good investment.

For motorcycles that are financed, a comprehensive policy is normally required.

Motorcycle Insurance Liability Limits

Lakewood CA Motorcycle Insurance
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Liability insurance protects you in financial terms if you’re found culpable for injuries or destruction in an accident. While many people don’t expect that a motorcycle can result in substantial injury, you might be amazed.

  • Bodily Injury Liability Limit for Single Individual: $15,000
  • Bodily Injury Liability Limit for All Parties: $30,000
  • Property Damage Liability Limit: $5,000

Remember that liability insurance coverage does not offer protection to the rider, the bike, or passengers – only your legal vulnerability for injuries to third parties.

Lakewood Motorcycle Insurance Quotes

Your rates are determined by a range of variables. For instance:

  • Make/Model of Motorcycle.
  • Driving Record.
  • Coverage Options.
  • Level of Coverage.

The good news is, we can help you to compare policies and rates from a variety of highly regarded insurance companies.

Just enter your zip code to get going. Pick the insurance providers that interest you, then explore rates and policies.

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