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Oceanside is a great town for motorcyclists. Unfortunately, insurance can be quite expensive, especially if you ride a sport bike or are a twenty-something male. Not content to sit on our laurels, we teamed up with insurance providers that serve Oceanside riders. Many insurers offer discounts to military riders, seniors, and those who have passed a Motorcycle Safety Foundation course. Simply enter your zip code to find out which insurance companies offer coverage in your area.

Coverage Types for Oceanside Riders

You will find quite a few assorted sorts of insurance you can pick.

  • Liability Coverage: This is mandatory in California. It is used for any scenario in which you’re held liable for damage or injury caused to some other individual or their property. Liability does not protect your own bike or medical expenses if you’re hurt.
  • Collision Coverage: This type of coverage is meant to pay for the restoration or replacing of your motorcycle in the event of a collision, no matter the party found responsible.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: This helps cover losses to your bike caused by fire, criminal acts, or natural disaster as opposed to an accident or vehicular collision. In short, comprehensive helps protect you against most varieties of damage that aren’t the consequence of an accident.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage: This helps cover you in a collision caused by a driver who doesn’t have insurance. Usually, you pay more to the insurance carrier to include this clause.

Don’t forget, if your bike is leased or financed, you might be expected to have a comprehensive insurance policy.

Motorcycle Insurance Liability Limits

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The state of California has laws outlining the amount of maximum liability you are required to possess.

  • $15,000: bodily injury liability maximum for anyone injured in an accident
  • $30,000: bodily injury liability maximum for personal injuries to all parties in one accident
  • $5,000: property-damage liability maximum for one accident

Don’t forget that standard motorcycle liability coverage doesn’t protect the rider, the motorcycle, or any passengers – just your legal vulnerability for damage to other individuals or properties in a crash.

Oceanside Motorcycle Insurance Rates

Motorcycle insurance rates vary widely based on an array of factors. Some information on you and your machine is really needed to predict your rates. Fortunately, we work with many of the very best motorcycle insurers, which can provide quotes on the web.

To get going, just submit your zip code. Next, you can pick the insurance companies from which you’d like to receive quotes and information.

Motorcycle Insurance by Class

It’s easy to insure nearly any type of motorcycle, from supersports and tourers to V-twin cruisers and custom bobbers.

  • Sport Bikes: These can cost a fortune when it comes to insurance. If you’re in your teens or twenties, the rates will be substantial. As you get older, your premiums should lower appreciably. So many sportbike riders neglect to buy collision or comprehensive coverage, so as to get a better price. However, this is not advisable, as sport bike plastics can be particularly costly to repair.
  • Customs and Cafe Racers: Oceanside, like a lot of California, has a relatively strong custom bike scene. If your motorcycle you have a bike that’s seriously customized, you should research coverage to protect your financial investment, otherwise known as Custom Parts and Equipment coverage (CPE). Consult with an insurance agent to find out whether custom parts coverage fits your needs. If you haven’t got coverage, the majority of such parts will not be protected in case of an accident. Rather, you’ll be paid out the value of your bike, sans modifications.
  • Scooters: Insurance may be beneficial, no matter whether it’s a requirement or not. Scooters are so cheap, you might want to opt out of collision and comprehensive coverage, and opt for a liability policy. Often, this type of coverage is quite affordable, and worth the money.
  • All-Terrain Vehicles and Dirt Bikes: A lot of riders fail to insure their off-road vehicles. The good news is, coverage for off-road vehicles is generally quite affordable.

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