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Are you one of Rialto’s many residents looking to save some money on insurance? We enable you to save money when it comes to finding a policy for your bike, regardless of whether you’re presently insured or not. As soon as you submit your zip code, we identify the best rated motorcycle insurance companies in Rialto, CA, and helps you find an agent or request quotes to compare. This system is fast, easy, and totally free of cost.

Minimum Motorcycle Insurance for Rialto Riders

California has levied minimum liability limits for motorcycle owners. Liability coverage offers protection against claims alleging that a rider’s recklessness caused injuries or damage to another party. Your liability insurance coverage will need to satisfy or exceed specific minimum limits for personal injuries to others and damage to 3rd party property.

  • $15,000: Liability Coverage for Personal Injuries of a Single Party in an Accident
  • $30,000: Liability Coverage for Personal Injuries to All Parties in an Accident
  • $5,000: Liability Coverage for Property Damage

On the one hand, less coverage will equate to more affordable motorcycle insurance. On the other hand, less coverage results in higher risks that your insurance payout won’t cover your total medical fees should you injure or are injured by another driver. Remember that the cost of medical care and personal property often increasesmore quickly than state liability limits are changed.

Lowering Your Motorcycle Premiums

Are you a cost-conscious biker? There are a variety of actions to take.

  • Take a Motorcycle Safety Foundation. Most insurance companies offer a 10-20% discount for finishing an MSF course.
  • Keep a clear driving record. This is common knowledge, but it’s still worth mentioning.
  • Purchase a lay-up policy. With this type of policy, the winter months are cheaper, especially if the bike is kept in storage.
  • Avoid high-insurance bikes. Sport bikes, exotics, and muscle bikes have the most expensive rates.

Motorcycle Insurance Quotes in Rialto

It’s hard to estimate the cost of coverage without taking into account a few important variables. Some basic bike and rider information makes it much easier predict your rates. Fortunately, we enable you to review rates and policies from a wide array of highly regarded insurers. To get going, simply submit your zip code. Select the insurance companies that you’re interested in, then answer a few questions to begin comparing rates and policies.

Custom Parts and Accessories Coverage

Besides conventional coverage like liability and comprehensive, you should carry special coverage to protect your custom parts and accessories. Custom parts and equipment coverage (CPE) will help you in the event you damage any aftermarket parts you add.

Essentially, you need it to protect all of those expensive specialty parts.

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