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New bike? Or just want to reduce your insurance rates? We have brought together trusted insurance companies that meet the needs of riders in San Francisco. Examine policies and premiums, and secure coverage that meets your needs and budget.

Types of Coverage for San Francisco Motorcyclists

You’ll find a number of different kinds of insurance policy coverage you can pick.

  • Liability Coverage: This is required for all California riders. It covers damages to another individual or property caused by an accident you cause. It doesn’t cover your own medical bills or damages to your bike.
  • Collision Coverage: This reimburses you for any damage to your bike that is the fault of the insured driver.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: This protects you against damages to your bike from perils unrelated to a traffic accident. This can be from natural disaster, fires or vandalism. This is sometimes called Other than Collision coverage.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage: This add-on to your policy covers you in case the other motorist is liable for the accident and isn’t insured. Normally, you pay more to the insurance company to add this clause.

For bikes that are leased or financed, comprehensive motorcycle insurance is often a requirement.

State Minimum Requirements For Motorcycle Insurance

San Francisco CA Motorcycle Insurance
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The state of California has legislation outlining the minimum degree of maximum liability coverage you have to carry. Often, you might find these insurance requirements listed as three usd figures, along the lines of $15,000/$30,000/$5,000. The first pair of sums are minimum amount thresholds for personal injury liability. The first is for one particular man or woman in an automobile accident, the next for all parties together. The final sum represents damage to property liability.

Bear in mind that liability protection doesn’t necessarily safeguard you, the bike, or a two-up rider – just your legal liability.

San Francisco Motorcycle Insurance Rates

There are a number of variables that help determine how much you pay for motorcycle insurance. How old you are, your driving history, and the make and model of bike you ride are all vital, as are the coverage options and limits you choose. The good news is, we work with many of the major companies that insure bikes in San Francisco. They can provide you rates and quotes on the web.

To get started, all you need to do is type in your zip code. Choose the insurers that appeal to you, then answer a few questions to start comparing policies and rates.

San Francisco Sport Bike Coverage

Sport bikes are popular in San Francisco. Unfortunately, they can be insanely expensive to keep insured. That’s because, statistically speaking, they have proven themselves the most dangerous class of bike. Your driving history has a tremendous impact on the cost of coverage. Premiums decrease considerably as you age.

If you got a loan for your bike, you will probably be required to have both comprehensive and collision.

Dirt Bike, ATV, and UTV Insurance coverage

If you ride off road, you should consider an insurance policy for your dirt bike or four-wheeler. Believe it or not, a lot of ORV parks require you to have liability, just in case you hurt another rider. It’s best to call your local off-road parks to determine whether they want you to have coverage.

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