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Looking to reduce your insurance rates? In many cases, it’s better to work with an insurer that serves motorcyclists. Just submit your zip code, and we can put you in touch with motorcycle insurers in your part of California. Compare coverage, prices that suits your budget and needs.

Minimum Motorcycle Insurance: Thousand Oaks

California has established minimum limits for liability coverage. Liability insurance offers protection against claims alleging that a property owner’s recklessness or inappropriate behavior resulted in bodily injury or property damage to another party. California determines the minimum liability limits. There are three minimum liability coverages outlined:

  • $15,000: Liability Coverage for Personal Injuries to a Single Party in an Accident
  • $30,000: Liability Coverage for Personal Injury to All Persons in an Accident
  • $5,000: Liability Coverage for Property Damage

You need to talk to a broker to decide what amount of coverage is best for you. You can just put in your zip code to locate a motorcycle insurance specialist in Thousand Oaks, CA.

How to Keep Your Premiums Affordable

Trying to maintain the lowest insurance rates possible? There are quite a few actions to take.

  • Sign up for a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic Rider Course. This can get you a discount of as much as 20%.
  • Steer clear of citations. Control that right hand as citations can increase your rates substantially.
  • Buy a lay-up policy. This will hold coverage during the cold months of winter, saving you quite a bit.
  • Steer clear of high-risk bikes. Sport bikes, especially if they are 1000 cc or larger, are the costliest motorcycles to insure.

Thousand Oaks Motorcycle Insurance Rates

Your rates are determined by a range of interrelated factors. Typically, bikers focus on the type of bike they own and their driving history, but variables such as location, coverage limits, and discounts all contribute to the cost of insurance. Fortunately, we work with many of the most popular motorcycle insurance providers, who can present you with price quotes and coverage on the internet. Submit your zip code, and you will see a list of insurers popular with Thousand Oaks riders. Select which insurers appeal to you, then answer a few questions to start comparing premiums and policies.

Motorcycle Classes

Whether you ride a sport bike, modern retro, V-twin cruiser or even a scooter or dirt bike, coverage is available.

  • Sportbikes: To be sure, these are the priciest category of motorcycles to keep insured–it isn’t unprecedented for the monthly premium to equal the loan payment. Your driving record will have a huge effect on the cost of insuring your sport bike. Rates lower noticeably as we age. Many sport riders don’t purchase more than the mandatory liability coverage, in an attempt to get a better price. This can be an oversight, as even the smallest mishap can result in thousands in damage to the fairings of these bikes.
  • Customs and Cafe Racers: If you’re a resident of Thousand Oaks and your motorcycle has a good many upgrades or handmade modifications, you should look at coverage to protect not only your bike, but the list of upgrades it has, aka Custom Parts and Equipment coverage (CPE). Generally this is an add-on to your insurance policy. Make sure you ask your insurance rep if it would be a good idea for your machine. If you don’t have coverage, such parts will not be protected in case of an accident. Instead, you’ll be compensated for the value of your stock bike.
  • Scooters: Insurance is smart, whether or not it’s required. Scooters are so affordable, you might steer clear of collision and comprehensive coverage, and only purchase liablity coverage. You might find that this type of coverage is low priced, and worth the money.
  • Dirt Bikes: Due to the inherent risk of off-road riding, insurance is a good idea. In most cases, coverage for these machines is quite affordable.

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