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If you’ve got a bike to insure, you’ve come to the right place. Rates are based upon a multitude of factors, including the type, size, and condition of the motorcycle, as well as how often you ride, where the bike is stored, not to mention your driving history.

Because rates could vary significantly between companies, make sure you comparison shop.

Liability Coverage for Torrance Riders

This covers property damage and/or bodily injury caused by you or your bike in an accident. It doesn’t cover your own injuries or damages to your bike.

Collision Protection for Your Bike: Necessary?

This covers damage to your bike in case of a covered accident with another vehicle or object. If you knock over your bike, this is generally the coverage you’ll need.

Comprehensive Motorcycle Coverage

This covers natural and criminal damage. Some companies refer to this as Other than Collision insurance.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Insurance from motorists whose automobile has not been covered by insurance comes strongly recommended for bikers in Torrance. Why? Because almost 15% of California drivers lack coverage. Due to the fact car drivers are very often to blame in crashes with motorcycles, it is vital to defend yourself financially. Despite the fact that supplemental coverage may elevate your Torrance (CA) motorcycle insurance fees, it might well be worth the excess expense.

State Minimum Requirements For Motorcycle Insurance

Liability guards you money wise should you be found culpable for personal injuries or damages to a 3rd party.

Very often, you might find these liability thresholds stated as three dollar amounts, as in $15,000/$30,000/$5,000. The first 2 dollar amounts are minimum coverages for personal injury liability. The first is for one particular individual in an accident, the second for all individuals overall. The final figure relates to maximum liability for damage to property.

Just remember that motorcycle liability insurance coverage will not cover you, the bike, or any passengers – just your legal exposure for injuries suffered by third parties.

Torrance Motorcycle Insurance Quotes

Premiums vary widely based on a variety of variables. Your experience, your number of past citations, and the style of motorcycle you own are all important factors, as are the coverage options and amounts you select. Luckily, we work with a lot of the top companies that insure motorcycles in Torrance. They can provide you rates and quotes on the web. Type in your zip code, and you’ll be shown a list of insurers popular with Torrance riders. Then you can begin researching rates and policies from the insurance providers you select.

Eligible Motorcycles

Just about anything with two wheels can be covered by insurance. Here are some considerations for certain popular bikes.

  • Supersports: These are the costliest class of motorcycles to keep insured. After all, sport bikes are extremely powerful and accident-prone. Your driving record will have a significant influence on the cost of sport bike insurance. If you are in your teens or twenties, the rates will be substantial. As you get older, your monthly premiums should decrease appreciably. Countless sportbike riders neglect to obtain more than the mandatory liability coverage, in an attempt to save some money. Often this is a mistake, as even the slightest accident can cause thousands of dollars in damage to the plastics of these motorcycles.
  • Custom Builds: Is your bike highly customized? If so, you should look at insuring your investment. Without this coverage, the replacement of most aftermarket or custom parts will not be protected in the event of an accident. Rather, you’ll only be paid out the current value of a bone-stock bike of the same age, make, and model.
  • Scooters: Sometimes people forget to insure their scooters. You might find that these policies are low priced, and worth the money in the event of a collision.
  • Dirt Bikes, ATVs, and Side-by-Sides: Insuring your dirt bikes isn’t only advisable, it’s a requirement on some public lands. Typically, coverage for dirt bikes is more economical than for street-legal bikes.

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