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Louisiana requires that riders show proof of a minimum liability policy when they first register a bike in the state. Without proof of coverage, you cannot register your bike. This requirement only applies to new purchases, not renewals or purchase transactions that take place through a dealer. The state also requires that all riders have proof of insurance when asked during a traffic stop or after an accident.

Louisiana is an ”at fault” insurance state, but throws in an unusual wrinkle: no one can file a claim for their injuries after an accident if they do not have insurance coverage no matter who is at fault. That means one simple thing, if you do not have coverage, you cannot file a claim against anyone’s insurance and must pay for your own medical bills, etc.

Motorcycle Liability Insurance:  Louisiana

Motorcycle insurance regulations in Louisiana require that owners have a liability policy with minimum coverage amounts equal to those below:

  • $15,000 for death or bodily injury to one person
  • $30,000 for death or bodily injury to two or more persons
  • $25,000 for damage or destruction of property

Those limits may seem comprehensive, but the bills from a single night in the hospital or an E.R. visit with ambulance bills can rip through those coverages. When you add in tests, physical therapy, and time off work, you can see how those limits are nowhere near enough.

What’s more, if you want your bike protected in an accident, or from theft and acts of God, then you need additional coverage.

More Types of Coverage

The minimum coverages required by the Pelican State are better than those in some states, but you likely want to have your bike protected in the event of a collision or other type of mishap.

  • Collision coverage covers your bike in an accident under nearly every circumstance. It may or may not include uninsured/under-insured coverage.
  • Comprehensive coverage covers items like fire, wind, water, theft, and vandalism.

If you ride a custom bike, you should consider custom parts and equipment coverage. This will cover everything from aftermarket parts to expensive paint jobs and modifications.

Louisiana Street Legal Motorcycle Requirements

To many, it seems obvious what a motorcycle is, but every state clearly defines one for their own purposes. In Louisiana, a motorcycle is defined as…

“having a saddle or seat for the use of the rider and designed to travel on not more than three wheels in contact with the ground; capable of operating at a speed in excess of thirty miles per hour; and with a motor that produces more than 2 brake horsepower.”

The Pelican State is a beautiful, wide open place to commune with the wind. It is easy to forget the world around you. Still, you and your bike must have certain equipment in order to be considered street legal in Louisiana. That equipment includes:

  • Eye protection: required by law unless equipped with windscreen; regulated by LRS 32: 190.1 .
  • Handlebar height: not above shoulder height while a rider is seated.
  • Helmet: required for all riders.
  • Mirrors: only the left-hand side mirror is required.
  • Turn Signals: not required.
  • Passenger Seat/Footrest: both are required if carrying a passenger. Passengers must be a minimum of 5 years of age; properly seated; and a helmet is required; regulated by LRS 32: 191 .
  • Headlight: required, modulating daytime headlight approved.
  • Muffler: required, no acoustical requirements.
  • Safety Inspection: required by law; regulated by LRS 32:1304

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