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“Lil Red” Honda CB360 Custom

A “Lil Red” 360 steals the heart of a vintage superbike racer…  In the early 1970s, Honda engineers had the challenging task of developing a successor to the immensely popular CB350 twin. Although the 325cc […]

Ducati Monster 695 Cafe Racer

Monster Makeover: Ducati M695 Café Racer

France’s Forge rebuilds a Parisian Monster…  In 2006, Ducati introduced a new entry-level Monster, the Monster 695, which boasted 10 more brake horsepower than its predecessor, the M620. In fact, Ducati said the bike’s 73 […]

Yamaha XS650

From Romania With Love: Yamaha XS650 “Violet”

Parts donor to reborn roadster, with Romania’s Bandisca…  The Yamaha XS650 is one of our favorite vintage Japanese motorcycles. Sometimes known, tongue in cheek, as the “greatest British bike never built,” the straight-twin machine combined […]

Honda CB550 Cafe Racer

Eastern Spirit Honda CB550: Redux!

For Sale: Eastern Spirit’s first-ever custom motorcycle, rebuilt! Sylwester Mateusiak of Eastern Spirit Garage — located 100 kilometers east of Warsaw — has been building custom bikes for nearly a decade, making quite a name […]

Best Restomods

Top 10 Restomods of 2021

If there’s one style of custom motorcycle we’re glad to see more of in recent years, it’s the restomod. Generally, restomods are considered to be vintage bikes that remain relatively true to their original aesthetics […]

Top 10 Trackers and Supermotos of 2021

We’re big fans of street trackers, flat trackers, and supermotos here at BikeBound. And we aren’t alone — so are you, our readers. One of our Top 10 Customs of 2021 was Max Wakefield’s “XR1450” […]