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Honda Tiger Scrambler

Java Tigris: Honda Tiger 2000 Scrambler

Vinduro-Style Honda from Mestiere Works…  Indonesia is the world’s third largest motorcycle market, with more than 125 million motorbikes in use. An estimated 85% of households own at least one motorcycle, and Japanese manufacturers hold […]

Meguro 650 Scrambler

Baby Buffalo: Kawasaki Meguro 650 Scrambler

Meguro 650 Scrambler from Rocket Fantasy Garage…  Founded in 1937, Meguro was one of the first Japanese motorcycle manufacturers, a “prestige brand” that supplied police and military motorbikes to the government and raced alongside Honda. […]

BMW Paris Dakar Tribute

Dakar Tribute: “PD85” BMW R NineT Urban GS

From Incandescent Motorcycles: R NineT inspired by the ’85 R80GS Paris Dakar…  Released in 1980, the BMW R80GS is the progenitor of the multi-cylinder, dual-purpose “adventure bikes” so popular today. Originally developed to compete in […]

Honda CB1000 Cafe Racer

Senna Superbike: Honda CB1000 Super Four

CB1000 Big One from Cus’Tom Motorcycle…  Over the years, motorcycle culture has been blessed with a handful of hilarious and highly entertaining comic strips and series. In English, we’ve had everything from Ogri to Andy […]

BSA Lightning

NOT a Café Racer: ’71 BSA Lightning

Blood & Grease: Geoff Hawksley’s 1971 BSA Lightning 882…  Every once in a while, a bike and rider roll into our inbox with a swagger and attitude that demand attention. Such was the case with […]

Honda CX500 Scrambler

Mission Classic Scrambler: Honda CX500

60s-Style Scrambler from Warkot Motorcycles…  Honda has always done things its own way, and the company’s history of sales and racing successes are a testament to how well they execute on their visions. One of […]

Triumph T120 Bonneville Custom

Urban Fox: Triumph T120 Roadster

130 Fox: T120 Bonneville from Tamarit Motorcycles…  In late 2015, Triumph introduced their new liquid-cooled lineup, including the 1200cc T120 Bonneville. While some purists may scoff at the radiator, the big Bonnie has been continually […]