Testing Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire


Testing out the new Harley-Davidson electric motorcycle was certainly an experience for the team at Visordown, the UK’s biggest online motorcycle community. They were able to ride this on a closed track to get a feel for what the bike is all about. Part of the reason people ride motorcycles is for the distinctive sound that they make. For obvious reasons, electric engines don’t have quite the same sound as a traditional gas powered Harley. The Harley-Davidson LiveWire does make a noise, but it’s more of a fighter jet type “whoosh” then a deep-throated growl. The motorcycle rides well and is quite responsive thanks to its 52lbft of torque. This is about the same as a 600cc sports bike. Harley-Davidson says the bike will do 0-60 MPH is under 4 seconds.

This bike is still a prototype, so things could be subject to change, and it doesn’t have and ABS system or traction control. This makes it a bit dangerous to ride in the rain. Still, testers went away from this quite impressed with Harley’s first electric offering.

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