3D Printed Harley Davidson!


After 1000 hours and $25,000, TD Connectivity LTD successfully created a replica Harley Davidson using a 3D printer. The 1HP motorcycle is fully functional and can even carry two grown adults, or four hundred pounds. Equipped with a small motor, it can reach speeds of up to 15 miles per hour. The wheels, tubes, and other essential motor cycle components were added after the successful completion of the all plastic frame. Most impressively, the replica Harley Davidson used 3D printed plastic ball bearings. The balls bearings are fully functional and rival that of a true Harley motorcycle. Spinning at 2,000 RPM, these ball bearings can withstand conditions that the original motorcycle would encounter. Although limited to just demonstrative purposes due to the small and not so powerful battery, the purpose of the creation is to show just how far technology such as 3D printing has come. The printed bike was displayed at the 2015 Rapid technology show by TE Connectivity.

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