Cross-Bred Harley-Ducati Sportster!


It is becoming quite common to customize Harley Davidson’s Sportster in a “cafe way.” It’s Harley’s best-selling bike over time and they produce a lot of them, and a few key modifications make big differences in the bike’s look and handling.

In fact, there are so many Sportster customs out there that we moto-mavens get a little jaded…until the good folks at Silodrome came across this truly unique specimen from JSK Custom Design, out of La Puente, California. This bike is a real trick in engineering, combining the Sportster frame with a Ducati front and back end.

Most impressively, the custom metalwork was first carved in wood and then fabricated with sheet metal. The entire conversion process lasted over a year. Ever since, it’s been a road of winning records for this bike. In 2014, it won Best Cafe Racer (Born Free Motorcycle Show), Pro Builder First Place (LA Motorcycle Calendar), Best Cafe Racer (VVMC Motorcycle Show) and MOD Custom Class Champion (J&P Cycle’s Ultimate Builder Award). JSK Custom Design has done a fantastic job with this bike.

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