Kawasaki GPz750 Tracker, “The Ghost Ninja”

Kawasaki GPZ750 Cafe Racer

Today we’re pleased to present this 1982 Kawasaki GPz750 built by our new friend Narve Læret from Horten, Norway. Narve is a fourteen-time Guinness World Record holder in tameshiwari (competitive breaking), who has broken 700 concrete blocks in 29 seconds. He’s also a black belt in Kyokushin, an internationally licensed MMA head referee, and a huge gearhead…so it comes as no surprise that his bike kicks some serious ass.

Though this machine was rolled out of the factory 30+ years ago, it would be right at home on a present-day showroom floor. Genre-wise, it’s a tough bike to classify–as some of the best builds are. There are elements of the streetfighter, the cafe racer, and even the street tracker. Whatever you want to call it, the lines of this GPz custom are dead-on.

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In the Builder’s Words

Kawasaki GPZ750 Cafe Racer

We will turn over the mike to Narve himself, as he relates the finer points of the build:

This is my last build, a boring GPZ from 1982, wanted this one to be as good on the road and in the curves as it looks;-)

So I made a low mean race set up with ZX 12 R front fork, brakes, and wheel with BTR racing rotors and lines. Got to fit a BTR rotor on the original rear wheel as well. I wanted this to look like a bike Kawa could have built in 2015, with modern stuff in a old school look 🙂 I even got a note from Kawasaki Norway asking to put it out on their website, SO i done something right 😉

Kawasaki GPz750 Streetfighter

The set up and motor is tuned with help from an RR mechanic, and the bike had a 34 kg weight loss so it runs really good! I spent over 1500 hours on this build and done too much to mention here, but please look close and see all small fabrications done all over the bike.

And YES it runs as sweet as it looks, a superb corner machine, the aggressive stance makes it a joy to ride!

It has the paint job done in 6 layers of Aston Martin Rouge metallic and Porsche gloss black.

HD headlight and custom made seat pan and leather seat with red stitches with taillight with integrated turnlights in LED mounted.

Kawasaki GPZ 750 Cafe Racer

All electric is moved to fit the custom sidepanels.

MAC 1 4-1 exhaust from the states, great sound and performance!

High velocity stacks to get max air speed worked out much better than KN and RAM air on this bike.

Kawasaki GPZ750 Velocity Stacks

This bike is all custom and I love it, and hope all of you love it as well 🙂


Video of the Build

Below is a video of the build uploaded by Kawasaki themselves.

“The Ghost Ninja” a Kawasaki GPZ 750 cafe racer… by kawasaki_motor

Kawasaki GPz750 Cafe Racers and Customs

The GPz750 was produced from 1982 to 1985, a successor to the KZ750-R1. It boasted 85-92 horsepower at a wet weight of just over 500 pounds, making it the fastest factory 750 of its time with a 1/4 mile ET of just under 12 seconds.

Unfortunately, most builders focus their attentions on the bike’s predecessor, the KZ750, an air-cooled twin. Bikeexif even has a nice piece on their top 5 KZ750 customs. However, it’s fairly rare to come across GPz builds-especially ones of the Ghost Ninja’ caliber–but we have a couple for you guys to check out.

Here is Kafehopeful’s 1985 GPz Streetfighter on DotheTon.com:

Kawasaki GPz 750 Streetfighter

And here is Bri_con’s GPz750 “Cafe-ish” Fighter build on CustomFighters.com:

GPZ750 Cafe Fighter

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  2. bonsoir, superbe travail sur cette GPZ 750
    j’en possède une que j’ai remise en état, mais pas aussi belle que la votre

  3. I have an 82/750 love to do something different,without sacrificeing that look that made it bad ass. good job your build!!

  4. Mirko Bernasconi

    Hello will it be possible To buy the back cover and The Seat exaclty the same as you have done To this fantastic gpz 750 caffè racer?

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