Faves: Zephyr (ZR750) Cafe Racer from DVGAS


Daniel Vallejo Garvia of DVGAS Garage has a real passion for motorcycles. He currently works to repair and restore bikes in his spare time, and recently completed two complete restoration projects covered by Otomotif.org. Daniel first restored an old Kawasaki Zephyr 750, also known as the ZR750. Working primarily in his garage, he (along with help from his friends) manufactured 90% of the pieces for this bike by hand. His friend Jossy helped to weld and manufacture the sub-frame, Gorka helped adapt and create the front fork with a lathe, Diego helped with motor assembly, among many others. He even gave the bike a new custom paint job to match its new feel. For his next project Daniel purchased another 750 from the ‘90s that had a lot of character but was needing a lot of repair work. In his free time, he was able to fully restore this bike with mostly custom parts, while maintaining its unique character. Daniel’s attention to detail makes these projects very unique, and the pictures of his bikes really speak for themselves.

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Kawasaki Zephyr Streetfighters and Cafe Racers

“Zephyrus”: Zephyr 750 by Ton-up Garage

The Kawasaki Zephyr 750 (ZR750) was produced from 1992 to 1998. It has an air-cooled engine based on the GPz750 of the 1980s, making 75-76 horsepower. The 750 was the most popular, though there were also Zephyr 1100 and 550 models. These bikes were meant as a tribute to the mighty Kawasaki K1, but failed to capture the downright scary thrill of the original. Still, Kawasaki Zephyrs can now be had for next to nothing, and they are increasingly finding their way into the hands and shops and garages and yards of custom builders and backyard gearheads.  Here are a few of our favorites:


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    Hello im searching the back of this zephyr 750 for my bike also a zephyr 750 …. can i buy this by bikeboubd ???

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