Faves: 1982 Honda CX500 Custom

Honda CX500 Custom

The Honda CX500 has officially become a popular platform for custom builds. With a few modifications, such as straightening the lines and adjusting the fuel tank by a few degrees, it goes from a motorcycle that was once considered “low class” and the “poor man’s Guzzi” into a beautiful and powerful machine. Sacha Lakic, a designer in Luxembourg, has built one of the classiest, tightest CX500s around, featured on BikeExif. He kept the stock tank but went to a monoshock setup out back, utilizing a Ducati/Öhlins unit, and added Marzocchi forks up front. The exhaust is truly inspired, with a two-into-one box setup beneath the bike. The bike now tips in at just 275 pounds.  We hope to see more from Sacha in the future.

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