Faves: 1979 KZ650 Brat Tracker


Sometimes it takes just a single detail to tie together a design. The classic throwback Kawasaki enduro tank on Alex Veaone’s 1979 Kawasaki KZ650, riding high atop the frame, does just that. It emphasizes the lateral, four-piped weight of the 64-hp engine, which is itself like a Dr. Frankenstein creation, put together using three separate engines. With a shorter rear frame loop, new rear shocks, and new bearings, you’re looking at one well balanced piece of machinery that’s surely going to garner imitation. A vintage spotlight with a H4 bulb is constructed into a headlight that compliments the bike’s features nicely. Completely cluttered free, you won’t find any speedometer or signal lights on this bad boy. The taupe color frame is the finishing touch on the monstrous work of art.


The bike has been featured at two of our favorite blogs:

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