KLX150 Scrambler by D-I Motorsport

KLX150 Scrambler

Here at BikeBound, we’re big fans of small singles, particularly when they’re built into bad little scramblers and trackers like this Kawasaki KLX150 by D-I Motorsport of Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.  The company, run by Izwan Jelani, focuses largely on such small-displacement builds.  They do scramblers, trackers, and supermotos.

In this case, they took a standard KLX150s and went “zero to hero,” as they call it:  installing a custom tank, seat, fender, headlight, and exhaust. The end result looks like one fun little urban curb-jumper.  You can follow them on Instagram:  @di_motorsport

KLX150 Scrambler


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  1. Markholm Spielvogel

    I love your klx150 scrambler. Could you tell me the cost of the fuel tank and exhaust downpipe (excluding muffler) for shipment to Thailand would be, please.

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