Classified Moto “CB836”

Classified Moto CB836
Photo by Danik H.

Nestled on Glenwood Avenue in Raleigh, North Carolina, is Devolve Moto, a custom motorcycle shop, retail space, and cafe/bar.  Hard to think of a better combination, right?  BikeBound made the pilgrimage last month, and we were thrilled beyond belief to discover one of the newest Classified Moto builds parked out front:  “CB836,” owned by Bob Ranew of Redeemed Cycles, whose Honda CL450 we recently featured.

Classified Moto CB836
The Classified Moto CB836 parked in front of Devolve Moto

Bob works at a creative agency in Raleigh, NC, and he was actually the first paying client of John Ryland of Classified Moto, with his Virago XV920R.  He even designed the company’s sprocket logo, and John Ryland decided it was time to build Bob a new bike.  As he told Bike Exif:

“I was on a vintage spacecraft kick, looking at old Apollo mission stuff and drawing some inspiration.  I don’t think anyone would look at the CB 750 and say, ‘Hey, vintage NASA!’ But once you know, you can probably see the influence.”

Starting with a 1976 CB750, Ryland and team fitted a single-sided swing arm from a 2006 Triumph Sprint ST and modern inverted forks from an R6, welded up a custom subframe with signature metal mesh inserts, added a solo seat upholstered by Ray Baird, and topped the bike with a bare metal tank that recalls the unpainted, naked aluminum glory of the P-51 Mustang. To further the space/aircraft feel, the the fuel cap is from a vintage Cessna airplane.

Classified Moto CB750

The modified Vance & Hines 4-into-1 exhaust with upright bend and custom pipe is one of the most striking aspects of the build, and the yellow/white dual headlights give the bike a Euro edge.  The “CB836” name comes from the Wiseco 836cc big bore kit that gives the bike significantly more punch. Striking as the bike looks here, we can say the bike is that much more powerful in person, a pure melding of machine and art by one of the finest shops in the business.

Classified Moto CB836
Incredibly Handsome Pair of CB750s

More photos by Danik H of Classified Moto:

Classified Moto CB750, CB836

Classified Moto Honda CB750, CB836

Classified Motos CB836

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