Honda CBX Custom by Cafe Racer SSpirit

Honda CBX Custom

When the Honda CBX was introduced, Cycle Guide called it “the Vincent Black Shadow of 1979.”  It was not the first six-cylinder production motorcycle, but it was the fastest production bike of its time.  The 1047cc, twin-cam, air-cooled inline-6 produced 103 horsepower, pushing the machine through the quarter mile in just 11.36 seconds at 118 mph.

The most striking element of the CBX is, of course, that giant motor, which looks as wide as a church organ from the front.  Legendary British motoring journalist L. J. K. Setright said:

“The CBX engine is as responsive as a racer, the nicest cycle motor to ever reach the street.”

Here at BikeBound, we’ve always been suckers for CBX customs, so were very excited when Cafe Racer SSpirit of San Sebastian, Spain–one of our favorite custom builders–sent us this 1979 machine. They call it a brat style build, though this custom CBX definitely has tracker styling cues.  Whatever you want to call it, this is one serious bruiser!

Honda CBX Cafe Racer

Brat Tracker CBX:  In the Builder’s Words

The original concept for the build was an iconic 6 cylinder Japanese bike. We wanted to maintain it´s characteristic specs but at the same time to improve the handling and the aesthetic aspects.

The build process:

We crossed Spain from North to South to get this bike.

We started stripping the bike to bare engine, wheels and tank. Next step was chopping up the subframe and unnecessary components. Then, something we had to do ASAP was to swap its forks. Come on!

Such a heavy bike on those thin forks? We adapted inverted front end, keeping the original wheel but improving brakes with bigger disks and modern master cylinder. Same we did with the back suspension by mounting a pair of shiny Ohlins.

We wanted it to have an aggressive but comfortable look so when it came to do the seat, we decided to keep it flat with a slight curve at the end. Front end was featured with a Rizoma handlebar with simplified buttons, a small speedometer and an integrated headlight.

Custom CBX

The front fender was made out of steel and makes a perfect silhouette with the wheel. The taillight? Well, it’s the blinkers that have the taillight function integrated also. We wanted to do something great with the exhausts, so it was GR Exhaust Systems, from Galicia, who did that fantastic job.

Last step was custom paint. For the painting, we decided the rising sun of the Japanese flag would very appropriate for this bike.

Honda CBX Brat Style

Special parts added or fabricated:

  • 6-2 handmade exhaust
  • Motogadget Speedometer
  • Blinkers + Taillight (mounting adapted support)
  • Biltwell grips
  • Handmade seat
  • Handmade air filters
  • Steel front and back fender
  • Motogadget control buttons (simplified wiring)

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Honda CBX Custom

Honda CBX Tracker

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