Honda XR250 Tracker from Argentina

Honda XR250 Tracker

You know what we love?  Dual-sport customs.  Thumpers with style.  Single-cylinder trackers that can jump curbs and climb stairs with rambunctious glory, that can race you to the cafe or take you camping with equal ability.

We’ve featured Scott Haslam’s XR500R tracker in this vein, as well as Bang Moto’s XXL500, and Pipeburn recently showcased Devolve Moto’s XR600R built by Moto Motivo. As you can see, these enduro-based trackers are certainly on the rise.

XR250 Tornado Tracker

It hard to beat their flexibility of use–a fact which custom builders in Argentina know well.  The country is quickly becoming a hotbed of custom dual-sports, with companies such as STG Trackers and Triple Ocho Garage churning out an array of new on/off-road customs.

I actually lived in Argentina in 2005, and there were quite a few cool two-stroke enduros on the road, but the trend of new wave customization hadn’t yet struck.  I’d love to visit now and do some street-level moto-spotting for bikes like this 2001 XR250 Tornado tracker/scrambler by Gonzalo Ortigoza of Buenos Aires.

Honda XR250 Tornado vs CRF250

Some of you might be wondering what an XR250 “Tornado” is.  The Tornado is only sold in South America and Africa, and the equivalent bike in North America, Europe, and Asia is the Honda CRF250.  Both have 23-horsepower and weigh 144 kg wet, but the Tornado is air-cooled and carbureted, whereas the CRF250 is liquid-cooled with EFI.

XR250 Scrambler/Tracker:  In the Builder’s Words

Here’s what Gonzalo says of the build:

My bike is a TORNADO XR250 that has been modified entirely. The back part of the frame has been cut, the seat is custom-made and the lights were replaced to fit the overall style. The exhaust pipe was custom-made as well. The gas tank was replaced with one from a HONDA CG of the 80’s. I
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Honda XR250 Tracker





  2. xr 250 r was made whitout battery

  3. Hello .. I’m from australia and have a xr250 .. Do you know where I can purchase a petrol tank and seat as per the tracker version, to install onto mine ..cheers
    Ps.. If so , do they have the same connection mounting points as a standard xr250

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