BMW R65 Scrambler by Moto Adonis

BMW R65 Scrambler

For some reason, we’re suckers for builds based on old police bikes, such as VTR Custom’s R80.  So we were very excited when Daan Borsje of Moto Adonis shared this incredibe scrambler built from a 1983 BMW R65 Dutch police bike.  In their old factory in Rosendaal, The Netherlands, the crew from Moto Adonis transformed this once-staid steed into a true outlaw, creating a machine that would rip through the ash-ridden streets of a post-fallout world with style.

The crash-bars, with their forward-mounted spotlights and aft-facing gauges, are possibly the most distinctive aspect of this build, along with the blowtorched bare metal of the tank.  The 648cc flat twin is perfect for post-apocalyptic hooliganism, and as one commenter on Pipeburn stated, the bike should come with a shotgun bandolier as standard equipment!

R65 Airhead Scrambler:  In the Builder’s Words

BMW Airhead Scrambler

This lovely BMW R65 was a Dutch police motorcycle which is transformed into a scrambler-style ride.

We have adjusted the rearframe into a short handmade monoseat frame with a double loop to support it. We have integrated an LED light in the frame to serve as a rear light. And put on a handmade alcantara leather seat to finish it up.

The tank has been stripped to bare metal and with a blowtorch we have added a burned look on the top of the tank. The black paint on the bottom makes the tank look smaller.

R65 Scrambler

The speedo, tachometer, contact and all the other parts where removed from the front and the speedo and tachometer found a new place on the crashbars. And the contact is placed right above the horn. The crashbars has been modified for the foglights and for tacho/speedo. And of course we have made a nice new short front fender.

We have added the pipe-wrap and hooligan mufflers for the badass BMW sound.

After all the black parts where powder coated and the rims where fitted with nice Heidenau cross tyres and this Hooligan was ready for the dirt!

BMW Boxer Scrambler

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BMW R65 Scrambler



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  2. Hey, how’s it going. Quick question, what speedo and tach were used for this build?

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