VTR Custom’s R80: World’s Fastest Police Bike?

BMW R80 Cafe Racer

BMW makes the bikes that are the most sought after by police departments around the world. Quick, compact, and fuel efficient, BMW motorcycles fit nearly every need a police officer could have while on patrol. Despite being so ubiquitous, Swiss shop VTR Customs has created a police bike unlike any you have ever seen. First featured on Bike Exif, this supercharged, nitrous-injected BMW R80–dubbed “P1”–turns heads where ever it goes.

VTR Customs is a group of customizers and racing fans that lurk about the shadowy basement of Stucki 2 Rad, a BMW dealership. The group has created several cafe racers and brat bikes, always using the remains of Boxer-powered BMW bikes. With this build Dani Weidmann decided to build a bike that embodies everything that VTR is capable of.

For a build like this, VTR had to track down three donor bikes in order to get all of the parts that they would need. To get authentic police bikes, they went directly to the Swiss police. According to Dani:

”We buy as many as we can, because the classic Boxers are obviously becoming very sought after.”

The main base is a late-1980s R80 RT.


Dani is a serious contender in the Swiss Supermoto championship and quite a few VTR builders are race technicians. Add in the amount of true racing and performance tech on the original bike and you can see how building a quick café racer was a natural decision.

The modernization of the bike started with a switch to fuel injection from the twin carb set-up of the original bike. VTR custom built an injection system instead of buying a stock unit. The ECU is a programmable unit with a switch sitting on the top fork yoke that gives the rider the ability to choose between different fuel and ignition maps. The programmable system can only go so far, so VTR added a Rotrex supercharger driven by the original alternator assembly. Unable to find stock parts that met their specs, VTR hand-built the mount, outrigger bearing plate, and the pulleys. The Rotrex system is geared to guarantee maximum flow even at low rpm, while the final drive gearing produces maximum acceleration. The bike doesn’t need an airbox because air is forced directly into the inlets of both cylinder heads. For added measure (or maybe going above and beyond?) there is a nitrous oxide injection system that cools the intake air for increased density and maximum oxygen content.

R80 RT Cafe Racer

Dani says:

”[P1’s] engine has been stripped and rebuilt to original specs. The only difference is the heads flow better, and the connecting rods have been replaced for stronger items. We have seen some big flames from the exhausts, so it will look exciting at the events.”

Here are the full specs:

  • Original RT80 from the Police
  • Compressor: Rotrex
  • Nitrous oxide: Wizard NOS
  • Injection: Eigenbau
  • Control unit: Mectronik MKE1
  • Launch Control & Quickshifter
  • PS: 1XX
  • Built around boxer & Café Racer to win sprint races
  • In action seen in Glemseck
  • Pilot: D. Weidmann
  • Not For Sale

Short of flying to Switzerland to see the bike in person, we hope there will be plenty of videos available online.


More information here:  http://www.bikeexif.com/bmw-police-motorcycle


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