BMW R80 Cafe Racer by Ironwood Custom Motorcycles

BMW R80 Cafe Racer

The Netherlands never ceases to amaze us with custom after beautiful custom.  Perhaps it’s that Dutch eye for design, paired with a culture that loves two wheels.  After all, more than 31% of the population list a bicycle as their main mode of transportation.  We’re hoping to jump across the pond sometime next year and take a firsthand look at Dutch custom motorcycle culture, but for now, we’ll keep bringing you the builds from our favorite shops.

Today our main man in Amsterdam, Arjan van den Boom of Ironwood Custom Motorcycles, is back with another well-sorted custom. This time, it’s a 1979 BMW R80 in black. Arjan and a partner founded IWC in 2012, and this is his 15th build.

1979 BMW R80 Cafe

This black beauty is simply everything you could want in a bike:  dark and low and fast and mean.  The re-painted tank gleams like the black eye of a stag, and the bike has some incredibly cool details like the zipper storage compartment in the seat, which is quickly becoming a signature detail of the IWC builds.

BMW R80 Custom:  Build Specs


Mods & Specs:

  • Custom rear subframe
  • Custom leater seat
  • Paint fork legs and brake calipers
  • Spoked wheels
  • Continental tires
  • Integrated rear light & indicators
  • Small speedo
  • Megaton exhaust mufflers
  • Biltwell grips
  • Small headlight holders
  • New oils en air filter
  • New gasket carter
  • Monza filler cap on gastank
  • New valve headers and gasket
  • Yellow foil on headlight
  • Motobatt battery
  • New fork seal & oil
  • Painted gastank
  • New rearshocks
  • New fuel line filters

Cafe Racer Seat Storage


Follow the Builder/Photographer

Arjan van den Boom, Chief Engineer
Ironwood Custom Motorcycles
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Instagram: @arjanvandenboom (still under construction)

Jackson Kunis, Photographer
Instagram @jacksonkunis
Twitter: @JacksonKunis

Erik Breuer, Photographer
Instagram @erik_breuer

R80 Cafe Racer Ironwood Custom Motorcycles
Arjan in front of his creation.


Photographer Jackson Kunis testing the ride.




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