Honda TMX 155 Brat by Revolt Cycles

Honda TMX155 Brat Tracker

Revolt Cycles is based in the Middle Islands of the Philippines.  Cebu City, to be exact.  They have been building bikes for the past three years now and riding for nearly two decades. Their mission warms the chambers of our oily, piston-pumping hearts:

We do each of our builds with pride and passion, as the love of motorcycles has been embedded deep in our very hearts ever since.  Our country is still catching up with the scene but every single day it is growing bigger and bigger.

We solicited Revolt Cycles to feature this TMX 155 bratstyle build after seeing it on the company’s Instagram profile (@revoltcycles). We were immediately struck by the neat, classic lines of the build, and the TMX 155 was a bike we weren’t very familiar with–all the more fun!  Plus, we love featuring bikes from up-and-coming scenes/locales, like the Philippines.


We’ll let Juan Yu from Revolt Cycles give you the full story on the build.

The “Silver Surfer” TMX 155:  In the Builder’s Words

(By Juan of Revolt Cycles. With our highlights.)

TMX155 Brat Style

To start, let me introduce you to the base bike we love using to customize and build. It’s a Honda TMX 155, also known in our country as a habal-habal. Many attach a side car to it and use it as a tricycle for public transport or courier duties. It’s basically a work horse bike that is powerful enough to carry 5x its own weight and carry or pull almost anything.
Its predecessor is basically known world wide, the CB series or in other Asian countries known as the CG, JX, or GL. But it basically has the same frame and engine mount of its predecessor the CB100/CB125, with the exception of the TMX as a Pushrod 155cc 4 speed. Basically one of the most bulletproof engines that Honda has ever made.
The bike was built for Drew Paraguya of Cagayan De Oro City, which is from another Island of the Philippines. Drew wanted a bike that looked fat, sleek, and mean. He showed us some photos of the desired look he was after; we then gave out our piece and suggestions later on came up with a brat style design. With the base bike found, a beaten up Honda TMX 155. With parts readily and commonly available almost anywhere in the country, it’s easier to maintain and fix, plus it packs a reasonable amount of power. Whether on city strolls or long distance travel it still does the job done. The TMX is the perfect base bike for this.

We present #RVLT12, the “Silver Surfer,” a Honda TMX 155. What started out as a beat up daily commuter, we saved it and gave it all it deserves to shine back again on the road with a full engine rebuild and a 26mm aftermarket carb. Fitted with wide aluminum rims wrapped with our premium tires, the RT TYRE 4.50×17, for that mean, classic, beefy look.


We installed minimalist lights and winkers, diamond stitched leatherette brown seat, single speedometer with indicators and custom mustache handlebars. Fabricated and customized stainless steel battery box fitted on the frame triangle with side key ignition.


Equipped with a detachable skateboard/surfboard rack as Drew requested for his weekend DH long board mountain shreds with buddies and occasional surf sessions across town. Comes on with a classic CB125 original pipe system that complemented it more on its classic predecessor, the CB125.  With pride and honor, this bike will be our first to roam around the streets of Cagayan De Oro City.


(Photographed and Edited by Rodulfo Ouano, aka The Jeb – Photo Mercenary)

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  1. Ano size ng rim at tires?

  2. CainGujilde

    I really love this (brat style) kind of bike. I am now encourage to make one just like that, because it looks cool, unique, and fashionably nostalgic. I hope that you guys will help me in my project. Thank you.

  3. Phillip Anchuelo

    Whats the first thing to do to make a cafe racer bit by bit?

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