Honda CB125 Tracker by EdTurner Motorcycles


Here we have an incredible 1975 Honda CB125 K5 tracker by Ed Turner–aka Karl Renoult–of EdTurner Motorcycles, located in France. We’re big fans of his work, which is inspired largely by American muscle car culture.

EdTurner is the spirit that defines each of my creations. Imagine, redesign, and customize a vehicle or an accessory with the sole purpose of giving it character and attitude. Make an exceptional product, elegant and uncompromising that won’t leave anyone indifferent. It is with this concept in mind that I design each of my projects.

Each motorcycle design is inspired by the good ol’ 70s & 80s (you have to admit, little of beauty has been designed since) and the culture of the American V8 in all its forms.


The CB125 was introduced in 1971, and continued to be sold in the United States all the way up until 1985. By the 80s, it was one of the few sub-200cc street bikes still available. In ’79, it could be bought new from the showroom floor for just $928.


While small on power, it was known as a tough bike to kill, and could be fun to ride in a certain light. In a 1979 review in Cycle, the reviewer claimed that the bike tended to be ridden “flat out, all the time,” and “every stoplight was a drag race” without much risk of getting a ticket.


The top triple on this beauty has cutouts of the EdTurner signature swallows, and old Wolf’s Head Oil and Smokey’s Joe’s stickers festoon the canister that holds the electronics.


Photography by Francois Richer.

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