Honda Street Cub by Revolt Cycles

Honda Street Cub

You meet the nicest people on a Honda.  Such was Honda’s original US advertising campaign for the Honda Super Cub, an underbone motorcycle that’s been called a “step-thru,” a “scooterette,” or even a “moped.”  The Super Cub family, — including models such as the C50, C70, C90, C100 — would go on to become the most-produced motor vehicle in history, with continuous production since 1958 totaling around 90 million units.  Roland Brown, author of Honda:  The Complete Story, is quoted as saying:

“Of all the brilliant bikes Honda have built — the CB750 superbike, Mike Hailwood’s six-cylinder racers, the mighty Gold Wing, you name them — the most important of all is the C100 Super Cub of 1958.”

In fact, the Super Cub has been compared to the Ford T-Model, VW Beetle, and Jeep as one of the most iconic vehicles in motor history.  A whole custom scene has grown up around the bike, with Honda Super Cub cafe racers and “street cubs” — and the machine continues to be the daily transportation for millions around the world.

Honda Cub70 Custom

Juan and the crew of Revolt Cycles, based in the Philippines, built this oh-so-pretty Honda Cub70 for childhood friend Richard Fernando. Below, Juan gives us the full story on the build.

Honda C70 Custom:  In the Builder’s Words

Honda C70 Street Cub

(Words by Revolt Cycles. Highlights by us.)

What makes a motorcycle iconic? Most people would probably say it would have to be the fastest, loudest, most high tech motorcycle of its time. That’s not always the case. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple design and aesthetic, a small engine that’s built to be virtually indestructible, a very risky and game-changing advertising campaign… And last but not least, I think the most important factor that sets apart a motorcycle from the rest is how it became a cornerstone for making meaningful and beautiful memories for the riders that rode it.

Honda Street Cub 70

This bike was built for Richard Fernando, childhood friend and supporter of us since day one. What inspired Richard in having a bike built is that he wanted a daily commuter bike that is different and unique. Not just your ordinary commuter bike. Richard acquired the bike a couple of years ago, bought the bike in Manila, had it shipped to Cebu. Richard used the bike going to work, running errands and just to avoid the ever growing traffic here in Cebu City. Richard got bored of the stock look of the Cub, wanted something different and unique so he left it with us. Now here is the result 😀

Street Cub Custom

Thank you for the opportunity bro and may you ride it like you stole it. Welcome to the RVLT family!

(Photographed and Edited by Rodulfo Ouano, aka The Jeb – Photo Mercenary)

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  1. what kind of paint did you used?

  2. Iconic compared to “Jeep”…. that’s a joke right?

    • Not a joke.

      Motorcyclist magazine: “Those who have traveled to the Third World, where the Super Cub fills every role from taxi to delivery vehicle to police cruiser, will draw a comparison with another vehicular icon: the rugged Jeep.”

  3. It does look very nice indeed, but that poor air filter being placed right in front of the front tire!! Means it cant be used in the rain or even in a dusty road.

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