Husqvarna FE 501 Street Tracker by LOON

Husqvarna FE 501 supermoto

We’re thrilled to showcase this Husqvarna street tracker/supermoto, the LOON BS 501, built by David and Dominik from Germany’s LOON. The FE 501 is the most powerful machine in Husqvarna’s hard enduro lineup, with the 501cc single offering 60+ horsepower at a weight of just 240 pounds dry.

Husqvarna FE 501 supermoto

The crew from LOON wanted to create a functional custom bike, retaining its emphasis on performance. Incredibly enough, this bike was created with no alteration of the frame or wiring harness. In fact, not only is this bike for sale, but this will be offered as a custom kit, with a bolt-on subframe, fuel tank, and plug-n-play electronics. There’s even an FE 501 scrambler version!

Without further ado, we get the full story straight from the builders’ mouths.

LOON BS 501:  In the Builder’s Words

Husqvarna FE 501 supermoto

(Words by David and Dominik from LOON. Highlights by us.)

We, David and Dominik from LOON, wanted to present to you the all new LOON BS 501. Aim of this bike build was to create a 2-in-1 bike, without having to alter the frame or wire harness and thereby sacrificing on any performance. We started off with a 60+ horsepower, ready-to-race 2017 model Husqvarna FE 501, usually a genuine hard enduro bike.

Husqvarna FE 501 supermoto

Basically we wanted a custom bike that was functional with an emphasis on performance.

So let us get down to the facts:

The fuel tank is made of 1.5 mm thick sheet metal and especially manufactured to house the original fuel pump. The seat consists of an aluminum panel with a leather cover. The seat also covers up the electrics and is held by a powder-coated sub-frame.

Husqvarna FE 501 tracker

The sub-frame itself consists of 18mm steel pipe and the 1.5 mm thick rear fender attaches straight to it. The rear brake light is attached just below the fender. An Akrapovic titanium slip-on rounds off the rear of the bike. In order to lower the front end, the WP suspension was shortened 50 mm. Thereby obtaining a lower point of gravity to enhance the on road performance.

Husqvarna FE 501 tracker

To illuminate your ride in the dark, we attached a bright LED front light with an especially designed lamp housing. The scrambler version of the LOON BS 501 comes with 2.15X18” wheels and Heindenau tires.

Husqvarna FE 501 tracker

You think a scrambler is too boring? Or are you in to have some fun at a trackday? No problem, just swap the wheels, to a set of tubeless Alpina supermoto (3,5×16,5″ / 5×17″) wheels, along with a Magura radial brake cylinder with a 4 piston brake caliper.

And the best is…

It is a “Custom-Kit.” Our sub-frame bolts on to the original frame. The fuel tank is also made to fit the original rubber receptors. All original electrical connectors fit the custom parts.

Husqvarna FE 501 tracker

This bike will be available in a small batch series for Husqvarna and KTM. For more information check out or visit us on Facebook.

LOON it or Leave it 😉

Photography: Lukas Wawotschni

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FE 501 Supermoto / Tracker:  More Photos

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  2. Henri du Plessis

    Not pretty, but I am sure it is real good fun to ride! And that, after all, is what its all about, no?

  3. Bonjour, je vous contacte afin de savoir si la FE 501 Supermoto / Tracker est a vendre si oui est t’il possible d’en savoir un peux plus sur le prix ainsi que la livraison ? merci pour votre réponse cordialement.

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