5-Cylinder Kawasaki 2-Stroke by Allen Millyard

5 Cylinder Kawasaki 2-Stroke

The Kawasaki Triples were some of the most notorious motorcycles ever made, a series of 2-stroke street demons that prompted Hunter S. Thompson to write:

I still feel a shudder in my spine every time I see a picture of a Vincent Black Shadow, or when I walk into a public restroom and hear crippled men whispering about the terrifying Kawasaki Triple… I have visions of compound femur-fractures and large black men in white hospital suits holding me down on a gurney while a nurse called “Bess” sews the flaps of my scalp together with a stitching drill.

5 Cylinder Kawasaki 2-Stroke

Enter British MoD engineer Allen Millyard, who has a brilliant habit of building the wildest motorcycle specials on the planet. This is the man behind the 500-horsepower Millyard Viper V10, whose stated goal is to break 250 mph, and the Flying Millyard, which is powered by a 4804cc v-twin built from the same type of 9-cylinder Pratt & Whitney Wasp radial engine that powered Amelia’s Earhart’s final airplane.

5 Cylinder Kawasaki 2-Stroke

Kawasakis are another Millyard favorite. He has built 1600cc V8 Z1000 specials and 2600cc V12 Z1300 specials, which are on display at the Barber Museum in Alabama, and a number of Kawasaki Fives like the one you see here — 5-cylinder 2-stroke Kawasaki Triples.  Amazingly enough, Millyard builds these OEM-looking monsters in a small garage workshop with little more than hand tools.

5 Cylinder Kawasaki 2-Stroke

The lucky owner of this 883cc Kawasaki KH500 Millyard Special is Pip Davidson — a diehard 2-stroke fan. The joining of the engine cases is just seamless, making this one of the great “double-take bikes,” which you could mistake for OEM before your brain registers the width of the engine. Of course, the performance is anything but stock — the 883cc 5-cylinder, 2-stroke Kawasaki “Triple” produces 109 rear wheel horsepower.

Below, we interview owner Pip Davidson about the bike.

Kawasaki KH500 Millyard Special:  Owner Interview

5 Cylinder Kawasaki 2-Stroke

• Please tell us a bit about yourself, your history with motorcycles, and your workshop.

Pip Davidson 46, been riding bikes since age 5, owned lots of bikes but always wanted a garage full of 2 strokes.

• What’s the make, model, and year of the bike?

Kawasaki KH500 1976 Millyard Special

5 Cylinder Kawasaki 2-Stroke

• Why was this bike built?

To add more HP Obviously !!

5 Cylinder Kawasaki 2-Stroke

• What was the design concept and what influenced the build?

To keep it looking oem

5 Cylinder Kawasaki 2-Stroke

• What custom work was done to the bike?

Engines x 2 joined, handmade exhaust, uprated suspension etc

5 Cylinder Kawasaki 2-Stroke

• How would you classify this bike?

Modified classic

5 Cylinder Kawasaki 2-Stroke

• Was there anything done during this build that you are particularly proud of?

seamless joining of engine cases

Follow Allen Millyard on Twitter:  @AllenMillyard

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  1. Steve Jones

    Millyard is able to do what others can barely imagine. Absolutely brilliant work!

  2. Amazing piece of engineering Alan – especially how OEM it looks. Heartiest congrats. Must be quite an interesting bike to ride. I recall the old Kawa 500 triple as being a little reluctant to turn at speed and not confidence inspiring to stop. That said, its acceleration in a straight line was in a class of its own amongst production bikes in its day.

  3. Should ask Pip what his just finished building which is Quality

  4. Aloha Everyone!
    Here in Hawaii, I have a 5-Cyl 2-Stroke H2 built by Allen.
    187 miles – 100% flawless.
    Also have a 1975 H1 with 4000 miles – 100% perfect and original.
    I’d like to offer the pair if anyone is interested.

  5. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on water bay novaland.

  6. I am interested.Can you give me more info?

  7. Gordon lehnert

    I, am now one of those old crippled men, who did own (1) a 71′ Blue H2 and after blowing it up doing way over 120. Sadly blew it up. Rear wheel locked up, slid about 70-80 ft.or so, rear wheel started moving again, I put my left foot down preparing for crash,y left foot flew up and damn near kicked me in the back of my head. Heel flew off. Down the I-95. Rear wheel locked up again and I headed for the ground. Luckily I hit the shoulder still on the beast sliding sideways, hit the shoulder then the grass. Thank God for grass. Motor dead. Sorry I went on so long but it was just like 50 years ago. I took that bike back to the dealer after a couple of days of healing. I wanted it fixed. The dealer laughed, he said they would have to get motor from Japan and he didn’t have another H1. BUT he did have a used Orange H2 with under 200 miles. It had an oversized sprocket, expansion chambers and something done to the carb. After the work was done the kids mother made him take it back. The kid said it was faster than the 750’s and he was right. And man was it loud . But the rest is a different story. Man I miss those days. 2 stroke heaven

  8. Neil Whitehead

    I would like to see Alan build a 6 cylinder Suzuki GT750 making it a GT1500. I have seen a 4 cylinder version (GT1000) which is amazing. Liquid cooling just does the business.

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