Honda XLV750R Street Tracker by L’établi Garage

Honda XLV750R Street Tracker

The Honda XLV750R is a rare sight these days. Built from 1983 to 1986 in limited numbers, this 749cc dual-sport — a predecessor to the mighty Transalp and Africa Twin — offered a 61-hp, 45-degree V-twin and shaft drive. Only about 10,000 bikes were ever produced, and they are rarely seen outside of Europe and Australia.

Honda XLV750R Street Tracker

Enter Quentin Lambert, the 21 year-old founder of L’établi Garage in Eure, France. Quentin, who has a degree in motorcycle mechanics, built this bike in collaboration with a friend and design student. There is so much to love about this build:  the geometric lines, the rare platform, the motocross and flat track design cues, and the fact that this is the work of such a young builder.

Below, we get the full story from Quentin himself.

Honda XLV750 Tracker:  Build Story

Honda XLV750R Street Tracker

(Words by Quentin with L’établi garage located in Eure, France. Highlights by us.)

I am French, aged 21, having a passion for motorcycles! After several years training and a diploma in motorcycle mechanics, I wanted to create my own bikes with my own inspirations and ideas!

The L’établi garage is born!

Honda XLV750R Street Tracker

The work of preparation that we carry out, is realized piece by piece, not neglecting any small screw or nut. Each element is important and contributes to a perfect harmony in order to arrive at a unique, beautiful and quality motorcycle.

Wishing the best for our achievements, our work is complemented by other artisans selected for their qualities and professionalism with regard to upholstery, Epoxy paint and high temperature engine paint.

Honda XLV750R Street Tracker

Focusing on the aesthetic aspect of the machine, a collaboration was made quite naturally with a friend — a young designer in training — also having the love of the motorcycle. This one realizes sketches and rough shapes and lines of the motorcycle in correspondence with the idea, the project and the style.

The motorcycle is a Honda XLV750R (RD01) 1983 with a basic red engine. Big and old 80s Trail!

Honda XLV750R Street Tracker

We wanted to do some of the same and never done! To stand out, with something in mind, a motocross inspired bike, with an aggressive look, well-marked lines with geometric shapes!

The influence we had for this bike? None or almost…except flat track motorcycles for the front plate. The rest comes straight out of my imagination and forms desired throughout the project.

Honda XLV750R Street Tracker

All this gave life to a Honda XLV750 STREET TRACKER!

What I like about this bike is its tank! Actually it’s fake tank, these are aluminum plates over the frame. The frame that is now the gas tank!

Honda XLV750R Street Tracker

The color of the engine was realized with modern colors pulled from the Honda CRF!

Our motorcycle is minimalist and aggressive! The look and the imposing original frame is forgotten.

Honda XLV750R Street Tracker

XLV750 Tracker:  Build Sheet

  • Honda-XLV750R-Tracker-3
  • Two 17 “wheels
  • Additional LED lighting
  • Exhaust silencer
  • Handlebar Lsl flattrack
  • Bitwell grips
  • Motogadget digital speedometer
  • Tyres Pirelli MT60
  • Handmade aluminum headlight plate with LED lighting
  • Handmade Aluminum Tank Plate
  • Handmade Saddle
  • Exhaust line stainless handmade
  • Modern engine painting and engine reconstruction
  • Rear frame modified
  • Tank modified in the frame
  • Lowering the Forks
  • Painting frame, rims, …

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  1. Very Special XLV-Tracker. Excellent Made.

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