Honda CB750 Restomod by Hoy Vintage Cycles

Honda CB750 Restomod

The Tail of the Dragon is one of the most legendary roads in the world. Located in the mountain pass of Deal’s Gap along the NC-TN border, this 11-mile stretch of road has 318 curves, with names like Hog Pen Bend, Wheelie Hell, and the Gravity Cavity — just to name a few.

Honda CB750 Restomod

Recently we featured Keith Carlson’s staggering two-stroke Suzuki GT380 cafe racer, built for his annual buddies’ trip to Deal’s Gap.  Along with Keith was buddy Steve Hoy of Hoy Vintage Cycles, who built this incredible 1975 Honda CB750 restomod in just 60 days.

Honda CB750 Restomod

Nicknamed “Carrot,” the bike pays tribute to the early CB750’s — the predecessor of today’s inline four sportbikes — while offering modern suspension and power upgrades for serpentine kinks and corners of the Dragon. There’s nothing more fun than the battle of two-stroke versus four-stroke — especially among friends.

Honda CB750 Restomod
Choose Your Weapon…

Below, we get the full story on this CB restomod that goes as well as it shows.

836cc Honda CB750 Custom:  In the Builder’s Words

Honda CB750 Restomod

(Words by Steve Hoy. Highlights by us.)

My bike is a 75 Honda CB750 Restomod. This was a quick build as I only had 60 days to get this put together for my buddies’ annual Deals Gap Trip.

Honda CB750 Restomod

I started with a powder-coated frame I had in the attic along with some other random parts I had laying around, then purchased back an engine I had sold to someone for another project.

Honda CB750 Restomod

Along with the engine, I got a hold of some CR29s and a GSXR front end. The front hub and triple tree are from Cognito Moto; the front and rear rims are stock.

Honda CB750 Restomod

Rear shocks are from an 83 CB1100F, and the seat was sitting around on a shelf. We fabbed up a bracket for a fiberglass front fender and a rear bracket for an LED tail light.

Honda CB750 Restomod

I have a passion for the early CB750’s and wanted to represent the old school with some modern equipment for performance down at the Tail of The Dragon. The CB750 is the predecessor for all the inline fours you see today. I love the ride of this bike!

Honda CB750 Restomod

I really like how the front fender blends in with the tire and I like the hidden tail light under the seat. The bling of the engine ain’t too shabby either along with the custom points cover with our shop logo.

Honda CB750 Restomod

Build Sheet

  • 836cc JE Kit
  • Webcam
  • Kibble springs
  • CR29 Carbs
  • 06 GSXR Front end
  • Protaper Contour Mid bars
  • Tusk bar holders
  • Phone for Speedo
  • Sunrise Flake Sunrise Orange VMR paints

Honda CB750 Restomod

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    You will all get a kick out of me following Keith Carlsons two stroke. Smell that Klotz.

  2. Epic builds, the both of them. The CB has lots of cool features. That front fender really works. It’s almost like it’s not there!

    I feel like traditional round drilled discs might look more at home on the front end, but that’s just me.

    Well done. Thumbs up!

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