BMW R80RT Cafe Racer by Liberty Motorcycles

BMW R80RT Cafe Racer

“The more you look, the more you see.”

Chris Edwards of Liberty Motorcycles left school at the age of 15 to become a motorcycle mechanic. Since then, he’s worked a wide variety of bikes, even making his way into the paddock as a race mechanic for British Superbike. In 2013, he left the race paddock to open Liberty Motorcycles — a new and used motorcycle dealership.

BMW R80RT Cafe Racer

Believe it or not, Chris actually built this incredible black 1982 BMW R65RT cafe racer in 2014/15. The solid wheels were inspired by a grasstrack bike he owned — a trend that’s become popular again of late. Obviously, Liberty was way ahead of the curve!

Below, we get more details on this Bavarian black beauty.

BMW R80 Cafe Racer: In the Builder’s Words

BMW R80RT Cafe Racer

I have been a motorcycle mechanic since age 15, left school early ??  I have been lucky enough to work with many makes and models of bike — I have even worked up until recently in the race paddock for road racing and BSB (British Superbike)…until 2013, when I opened Liberty Motorcycles. We actually sell new and used bikes, but I wanted to give the cafe racer a try.

BMW R80RT Cafe Racer

I actually built this back in 2014/15 and sold it to a friend of mine…it’s only recently that it’s got attention after being invited down to The Bike Shed…in 2017.

BMW R80RT Cafe Racer

So in the last year we have built up another four bikes — all different — and we are going to release them in two months. I can focus more now on this growing scene as the shop pretty much runs itself now…and I need a job within it lol!

BMW R80RT Cafe Racer

Bike was based on a 1982 BMW R80RT. I had seen that people were building them and getting a lot of press about them! So here was the one i did!

BMW R80RT Cafe Racer

I used a mixture of parts from stock to Roland Sands…more you look, more you see. I got my inspiration from the Vrod and a Confederate Hellcat that we had in for sale.

BMW R80RT Cafe Racer

I got the wheel idea from a grass track bike I bought and just thought wheel covers are great…

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  1. …that’s crazy shit maynard………???…….i like…..and i don’t usually like beemers….

  2. Louis Matthew Higgins

    I could imagine crosswinds would play havoc riding this at any speed.

  3. I`d ride the piss out`a that

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