BMW K100 Bobber: “Mira”

BMW K100 Custom Bobber

Trevor Ryan Ditson of Prescott, Arizona, spent his young years in the garage, helping his father build choppers and his grandfather who was into drag racing.  After two decades as a chef, he decided to get some grease back on his hands, building a custom motorcycle.

BMW K100 Custom Bobber

He decided on the BMW K-Series as his platform — drawn as he was to the car-like motor and transmission of these famed “Flying Bricks.” With each build, Trevor has been developing a style his own — from the hand-formed seat design to the low ride height. Truly, we have not seen a K100 custom quite like this one, which immediately caught our eye.

BMW K100 Custom Bobber

Below, we get the full story on this amazing 1985 BMW K100RS bobber with the beautiful name “Mira” — after Trevor’s soon-to-be-born daughter!

BMW K100RS Custom Bobber:  In the Builder’s Words

BMW K100 Custom Bobber

• Please tell us a bit about yourself, your history with motorcycles, and your workshop.

I’ve been a chef for about twenty years, I’m 37 now. Last year I decided to make a change and do something I enjoy, getting some grease on my hands. My background has been more oriented towards cars, dirt bikes, and quads. Father grew up building choppers and grandfather was in drag racing. I spent my young years in the garage helping where I could.

I decided I wanted to build a motorcycle, so I googled cafe racers and began my search. The BMW K-series caught my attention, as it’s so different from the rest with its car-like motor and trans. I grew especially fond of early K100’s due to the lack of emission junk thrown in there. Being that I’m an 80’s guy, it all fit together.

BMW K100 Custom Bobber

• What was the design concept and what influenced the build?

JEFF VERALDI’S BMW K100 was my initial inspiration for building my first K. From there, I’ve grabbed different cues from various bikes.  Each build evolves my process. I’ve come into my own style now, from my seat design to the low ride.

• Was there anything done during this build that you are particularly proud of?

It’s important for me to go OEM in the areas where BMW got it right, whether it’s seals, bushings, or rubber — it all gets replaced with original equipment.  I’m particularly fond of the adaptation of the s1000rr front end conversion and adapting the YZF R1 rear shock. Both together gives it a nice, low center of gravity and is dampened perfectly to the weight of the bike. It’s just me in my home garage. No one else to discuss/argue design ideas. Only one asshole I have to deal with — myself! Bike is named after my soon to be born daughter (within the week).

I wish more builders would give advice or help out when asked. The “professionals” have gone tight lipped, which is too bad. They obviously started in the same place. I have no secrets in my builds. We’re all trying to make a place for ourselves and life is short. The more we share, the more bikes we ALL get to enjoy.

Anyone can email me with questions at [email protected]

BMW K100 Custom Bobber

• What custom work was done to the bike?

This is my third build. I completely take the bike apart and start fresh. Sitting at only 22k miles, it was in excellent shape internally. Every piece has my touch on it. The bike is solely built by me in my home garage. Only thing outsourced is painting of the gas tank. I’m OCD, as that is easily seen with my attention to detail.

Color chosen from the BMW Individual program color catalog for M-class vehicles, originally a Rolls Royce exclusive – Wildberry Pearl over Satin Black.

BMW K100 Custom Bobber

Full front-end conversion from a 2013 BMW S1000rr. Aftermarket gold anodized saw blade rotors. Custom triple tree. CNC machined aluminum headlight brackets and 55mm clip-ons. 7” LED headlight in a matte black bucket and wire mesh cover.

BMW K100 Custom Bobber

Hand cut and formed seat, wrapped in diamond stitched satin black leatherette. Upgraded and flow balanced, Bosch 4-Hole fuel injectors. Custom, stainless steel exhaust. Restored electronics. Custom Venhill steel braided brake lines wrapped in smoked carbon and chrome hardware. Rebuilt, front / rear calipers and master cylinders. Shaved mounts and wires tucked.

BMW K100 Custom Bobber

Lowered 2.5 inches. Custom YZF R1 rear shock with adjustable preload, compression damping, and rebound damping. Carbon fiber wrapped, gel battery. All fuel lines replaced. Vacuum lines replaced with silicon lines. New bearings, spark plugs, oil, air, and fuel filters, brake reservoirs, clutch, throttle advance and throttle cables. Relocated, hidden keyed ignition with original BMW key. Fresh synthetic fluids. Wheels wrapped with brand new Shinko 705’s. Polished bits everywhere! Tons of OEM goodies.

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