Honda TMX 150 Supremo Brat Tracker by Revolt Cycles

Honda TMX 150 Brat Tracker

The Honda TMX — or Tricycle Model X-treme — is a series of air-cooled utility bikes popular in the Philippines, where their power and ruggedness make them ideal for sidecar or “tricycle” work. The original TMX 125 was essentially a re-badged version of the venerable CG125, while the newest version, the TMX 150 Supremo, has offers a 5-speed transmission and larger 150cc SOHC engine.

Honda TMX Tracker

Enter Revolt Cycles of the Philippines, who have had a knack for transforming these rugged utility machines into beautiful scramblers and trackers. Today, we’re thrilled to feature their 34th build, “Sunny,” a Honda TMX 150 Supremo brat / tracker / scrambler built for an Australian client. Below, we get the full story on this lovely build, along with a lovely deck of photos from our favorite photo mercenary, The Jeb.

In the Builder’s Words:  RVLT34 “Sunny”

Honda TMX Tracker

Base Bike: 2018 Honda TMX 150 Supremo

Started about end of 2017, Mr. Ian Campbell from Australia sent us a message inquiry for a build that he wanted. After a few weeks of online communication and discussion of what he wanted, we admitted we were kind of skeptical about what he wanted but when he said he is going to come down to Cebu together with his wife about mid June 2018…plus sent a bike over from the dealership fresh and brand new…we knew he was serious about the build.

Honda TMX Tracker

At first discussion he wanted a cafe racer look but we did advised him to go with the tracker or scrambler as it will be more easy to drive plus the main point was to get his wife to hop on with him on the bike. Ian gave us his points but was given aswell a freedom to have our RVLT touch on.

TMX 150 Brat Tracker

As soon as the bike was delivered from the dealership in black, we went straight on stripping it and seeing how the frame and lines go with the designs we had planned for it.

Honda TMX Tracker

The first thing we did was doing up the wheels by dismantling the whole wheel, stripped down from the tires to the spokes, repainted hubs to matte black and relaced back with stainless steel spokes and aluminum black rims fitted on with some Shinko 705 Trail Masters.

TMX 150 Brat Tracker

We then stripped down the side covers and plastic exposing the space where the big airbox sits and replacing it with stainless steel pod filters. Fabricated a rear mud guard to stop mud and water from hitting on the carb and electricals. A battery box and electrical tray was fabricated and tucked under the custom ribbed stitched seat by Le Rida leather works. Integrated stop and signal light Led strip at the very back.

TMX 150 Brat Tracker

Resprayed the tank with a gloss black with a ray of orange-yellow colored lines resembling the suns colored rays thus the named was coined “Sunny”. We kept the dashboard at minimal by fitting a 5 inch steel round headlight, mini LED front signal on a fabricated bracket, and mini analogue speedo with all the indicator light function on it.

Honda TMX Tracker

To finish it off we added a stainless bullet exhaust pipe for that mean grunt and sound a little thumper can make.

Honda TMX Tracker

As soon as Ian Campbell and his wife picked up their bike, they were blown away and couldn’t not wait to hop on it on the road. Seeing their face and reaction when they see their bike especially for a 3 month wait is just priceless and a good feeling.

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  1. Shawn Harrington

    It’s usless without fenders!

  2. absolute perfection , thank yoj

  3. good to the person how build this bike,
    i would to asked you what are sizes for both tyre
    thank you

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