Custom Ducati 999 “Paprika” by XTR Pepo

Ducati 999 Custom

The Ducati 999, built from 2003-2006, boasted a liquid-cooled L-twin Desmodromic engine capable of 138 horsepower and 80 lb-ft of torque. While the 999’s styling — which was the work of South African designer Pierre Terblanche — was highly controversial, the bike’s performance and results were undeniable. The 999 won three championships in World Superbike and the motorcycling press gushed over the machine:

“Simply the best V-Twin on the planet.” — MCN

Ducati 999 Custom

Enter Pepo Rosell, the “extreme bike constructor” behind Spain’s XTR Pepo — one of the world’s most renowned customizers of Ducati machines. Pepo cut his teeth with his previous workshop, Radical Ducati, whose RAD and MANX are still fabricated and sold through French company Ducatiamo.

Ducati 999 Custom

While Pepo has since opened his doors to a wide range of other makes, he still has a soft spot for red-hot twins from Bologna. This particular 999 — a 2004 model — has been transformed from a superbike into a race-inspired, street-legal rocket with Castrol livery and no shortage of high-performance components.

This build features a full array of parts from RAD and XTR, including everything from the RAD fuel tank, solo seat, and belly pan to the XTR clip-ons, fenders, CNC-machined adjustable rear sets, and much more.

Ducati 999 Custom: Build Sheet

  • Donor bike: Ducati 999 (2004)
  • RAD fuel tank.
  • Lightech ergal gas cap.
  • RAD solo seat.
  • XTR upholstery.
  • RAD bellypan modified.
  • RAD Front Fairing modified for mount XTR endurance light.
  • RAD front bracket modified.
  • MRA windshield.
  • XTR cnc machined regulable footrest.
  • XTR clip ons.
  • XTR carbón fiber rear mudguard.
  • RAD alumium subframe modified.
  • XTR licence plate holder.
  • XTR rear light.
  • XTR Led blinkers.
  • Fresco 2 in 1 exhaust system.
  • Spark megaphone.
  • Repositioned wiring.
  • LIPO Battery.
  • XTR light.
  • PT radial clutch pump.
  • Brembo PR19 radial brake bump.
  • XTR carbón fiber wáter pump protector .
  • EVR cnc machined pinion cover.
  • Regina Gold Chain.
  • 520 PBR sprocket conversión kit.
  • Artenruta painting.
  • Pictures : Sergio Cardeña.

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