Handbuilt Show 2019: Wild Ones!

Handbuilt Show 2019

For 2019, The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show was bigger and better than ever, showcasing more than 150 hand-built bikes from all over North America and beyond. The show organizers, Revival Cycles, hope to further a cultural revolution, the return to hand-made craftsmanship:

“By sharing this work, we add fuel to a revolution in the making. People crave the satisfaction and creative outlet of producing something truly unique and fit to their own preferences for design and function. This renaissance of working with our hands has helped create the movement that is the custom motorcycle scene.”

One thing we love about Handbuilt Show is the staggering range of styles and builds. Not only will you find exquisite examples of known forms like the cafe racer and tracker, but Revival Cycles always seems to find and invite builders whose visions seem to project far into the future, deep into yesteryear, or wide into parallel universes of design — or all three.

Today, we share some of our favorite customs that defy classification — truly unique machines like none other on the planet, from twin-turbo, Corvette-powered trikes to electric bikes with hub-center steering. You might call them the “Other” category — we call them “Wild Ones.” All photos courtesy of Brandon LaJoie / Revival Cycles / Handbuilt Show.

Handbuilt Show 2019: Wild Ones

LS1-powered, Twin Turbo “Mental Illness” by Kirby Proffitt
1957 RE Indian “Foot Throttle” build by @jshia / @madhousemotors
H-D Panhead by @sosametalworks
Yamaha XS650 by @mymachinist
R18 powered Birdcage by @RevivalCycles
“The Omen” by @jakedrummond22
“The Six” by @revivalcycles
“The Killer” by @craigrodsmith
“Bearing” by @rkconcepts_motorcycles
“Kury Sauce” by @croig.co x @blaschko.builds x @theflyingdutchmanco
“Frankenblast” by @desmobibu
“2029” by @fullermotofeatured here on the blog!
“Rondine” by Medaza Cycles
R75, with Nissan Leaf battery and Enertrac hub motor, by @nightshiftbikes
“Spacechopper” by Cory Hebert (@maindrivecycle)
“Gloworm” by @freakhousecustoms
Alcohol-injected turbo Kawasaki by DirtyDave of Done Dirty Racing
Maybe not hand-built, but cool pair of Honda’s Motocompo foldable trunk scooters!
Electric Cushman by @feralfather
“Medusa” by @gt_moto
Builder unknown — let us know!

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  1. So many ugly motorcycles!

  2. motorcyclenut

    There are only two that I kind of like above the rest. Some of them show great talent and skill in making individual parts but when all the parts are assembled as a whole it leaves me wondering … “What were they thinking (or smoking)?”

  3. weird shit.


    I am afraid thatI have no sense of what the previous comment speaks to, for I find pretty well all of the examples to be works of art. The thought and mechanical ingenuity that has gone into these examples of what people are doing with ‘two wheels and a motor’ is quite awe inspiring.

  5. The only one I find interesting is desmobibu’s FrankenBlast. It’s weird, but still pretty cool.

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