Honda NX650 Dominator Scrambler by Moose Garage

Honda NX650 Dominator Scrambler

A big single scrambler from Sweden…

Back in 2017, we featured the first build from Martin Kvarnhult of Sweden — a 1991 Honda Dominator scrambler that he built to be his daily rider, and which has become one of the better-known NX650 scramblers on the web. Since then, Martin has opened his own shop under the name Moose Garage, garnering quite a lot of fans and followers for his custom-built creations. Today, we’re thrilled to feature Martin’s second Honda Dominator scrambler, built from a beat-up ’92 model donor.

Honda NX650 Dominator Scrambler

While we only had the Honda NX650 Dominator for a couple years here in the States (1988-89), the bike was sold in Europe until 2003. The bulletproof, 644cc RFVC engine was shared with the XR650L, making some 44-hp in Dominator trim, complete with a dual exhaust that’s confused many an onlooker into thinking the bike is a parallel twin.

The Dominator makes an excellent platform for a scrambler, and Moose Garage’s new build is one of our favorites. Below, we get the full story from Martin himself, along with some lovely photos from @refilmby.

Honda Dominator Scrambler: In the Builder’s Words

Honda NX650 Dominator Scrambler

Criteria for the build: Will be used as a daily rider and “almost” street legal in Sweden.

This is my second build of a Honda Dominator from 1992 — this donor bike was really beat up.

Started with chopping the subframe, then welded new brackets for the gas tank, which was originally was from a Honda CB125K5 from the early 70’s. Then it was time bend some 1” pipes for a new subframe and welding it in place with the right angle in order to get the correct stance for the bike.

Honda NX650 Dominator Scrambler

Front rim laced from original 21” to 19” with a Excel Takasago rim and stainless spokes. Tires from Continental model TKC80 to get a nice grip on dirt roads and also a mean look. Exhaust is custom TIG-welded in stainless steel with a short stainless slip-on without baffle to let the 650 cc breathe freely together with the open air filter from K&N.

Honda NX650 Dominator Scrambler

99% of the parts were manufactured in-house from @moose_garage.

More custom work:

Gas tank, new thread weld for a new pet cock, stripped and brushed with black racingstripe before 2-part clear coat. Front mudguard made from sheet aluminum. Stainless mudguard brackets.

Honda NX650 Dominator Scrambler

Framework license plate holder with LED light. LED tail light made from aluminum bar stock. Rear indicators countersunk in subframe. KOSO speedometer. Lithium battery hidden under gas tank. TKC80 140/70-17 – 120/70-19.

Honda NX650 Dominator Scrambler


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  1. nice….

  2. Chris Howe

    Awesome practical every day bike. I love it. A rear guard to keep the K&N filter clean would be my only addition.

  3. Hi im craig i live on the east coast of australia. My honda 650 dominator was recently stolen and returned with broken and missing parts. Just wondering if you had a rear mudguard, please please please.

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