Space-Age Flat Tracker: The Lunar Project by Carboni e Metalli

KTM 250 Street Tracker

Best of Show at Wildays 2019:  Space-Age 2-Stroke Tracker!

In the storied Motor Valley of Northern Italy, two long-time friends — Massimo Bercella and Michele Antolotti — have set out on epic journey, combining their shared passions and sense of beauty in Carboni e Metalli, a workshop exploring the wild possibilities of using high-tech manufacturing processes outside of their current niche markets.

KTM 250 Street Tracker

At Wildays 2019, they unveiled their first build, The Lunar Project, their tribute to the Apollo Project:

“In 1969, mankind first stepped on the Moon. Now, 50 years later, we wanted to pay homage to that historical achievement doing what we do best in the part of the world: combining unique materials and advanced technologies with old time craftsmanship and passionate design.”

KTM 250 Street Tracker

Their vision was to apply space-proven processes and materials to a non-space product:  the motorcycle. Says Michele:

“Our footprint is on hi-tech manufacturing processes and we wanted to show the impact of space-related techniques into a traditional market such as motorcycles.”

KTM 250 Street Tracker

The base is a vintage KTM 250GS, one of the best enduro motorcycles of its era. The project combines traditional components like the steel frame and a large two-stroke engine with some of the most advanced composites and additive manufacturing (3D printing) processes currently available.

“We have engineered, designed, printed, laid up, machined, grinded, painted, and assembled this unique motorcycle as a first step in advanced project design and manufacturing.”

KTM 250 Street Tracker

The bike boasts a carbon fiber and 3D-printed titanium rear swingarm — a world-first, they say — not to mention a carbon fiber subframe and 3D-printed aluminum front fork mounts — just to name a few of the details.

“This project is a statement, we wanted to show that even a mature product such as a motorcycle can be innovated by applying space-related technologies and design freedom.”

At Wildays 2019 — a three-day motorcycle celebration in Northern Italy sometimes known as the “craziest 72 hours” — the Lunar Project took home the coveted trophy as “Best in Show.” After that, at the Motor Bike Expo in Verona, two weeks ago, it won Best Scrambler at the Bike Show sponsored by Italian magazine Lowride. Congratulations!

Now this space-age two-stroke KTM flat tracker will be making the round at various festivals and shows throughout Europe:

“Winning the Best of Show Award came unexpected and motivates us to the next steps.”

KTM 250 Street Tracker

But the project is more than a mere design statement. Like the greatest innovators, Massimo and Michele aren’t afraid to put their creation to the test, as you can see in the photos of the Lunar Project sliding around a flat track. As Massimo says:

“In a world full of crazy, useless shit, why not?”

KTM 250 Street Tracker

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  1. ….usually have little use for, especially two stroke, dirtbikes other than utilitaryian…..this one is marvelous….

  2. What does it weigh?

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