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Zero FX Custom

An electric custom that would make Mad Max proud…

The FX is Zero Motorcycles’ electric dual-sport machine, featuring a 21/18 inch wheelset, Showa adjustable suspension, and a 34.7 inch seat height. In standard trim, the Zero FX weighs 247 pounds and makes a staggering 78 ft-lb of (instant) torque from the Z-Force® brushless motor, along with 27 horsepower at 4300 rpm. City range is 46 miles, with a standard charge time of 5 hours, which can be lowered down to just over 1.5 hours with a pair of accessory chargers. All in all, it’s a pretty impressive package, and anyone who’s ridden an electric bike can tell you that instant lives up to every watt of hype.

Zero FX Custom

That said, like many electric motos, the FX is not the meanest-looking machine in stock trim. Fortunately, customizers the world over are jumping into the game. One of those leading the charge is Droog Moto, the husband/wife team who’s quickly made a name for themselves in recent years turning out a stable of apocalyptic customs instantly recognizable to those in the custom motorcycle world and beyond.

Zero FX Custom

Recently, they updated their Urban Fighters series with an electric option, the E-Fighter. Using a new 2020 Zero FX as a base, they custom-tailor each build to the customer’s ergonomics and riding preferences while completely overhauling the bike’s aesthetics, transforming the stock FX into a dark wolf of a machine.

Below, we get more details on the E-Fighter and see it in action, ripping up some fire roads in the mountains.

Droog Moto E-Fighter: In the Builder’s Words

Zero FX Custom

The E-Fighter is our latest addition to the Urban Fighter series we have available on the site. DM-016 is built using a brand new 2020 Zero FX base. The bike can be built around a 3.6 modular setup containing only one battery with a second battery option available or the bigger 7.2 platform. The bike is tailor-made to the client’s specs in terms of arm reach, suspension setup, etc…

Zero FX Custom

We wanted to have the E-Fighter fitted with a menacing dark appearance. To get this vibe created we dressed the bike in an all-new handmade body suite. Keeping up with our angular tank designs and minimalistic look, we wanted the bike to have short proportions and sharp lines. The faux tank houses an ABS pump along with the bulk of wiring.

The new seat and subframe setup houses a small area for storage. An all-new suspension setup was put in place to aid in feel and performance. This is one feature that will differentiate on a client basis depending on their particular setup. The bike is equipped with LED lighting front and rear. We chose to go with our DM fat bar and engraved clamps along with bar end signals, oversized grips, and an offset cluster setup. DM-016 received our bulletproof tracker plate and dual cut slits for the LEDs to pierce through.

We wanted the bike to be light and have a fun supermoto style feel to it. In doing so, we had a custom set of tubeless 17” supermoto wheels laced up. Using the stock hubs and Excel hoops and custom spokes the bike received a whole different feel. The wheels were wrapped in Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR tires. A sweet tire for bombing around the city and hitting some dusty trails afterwards.

DM-016 is one kickass bike to ride. With its selectable ride modes and the ability to pair it to your phone for on-the-go adjustments, it’s unreal! Electric machines are here with a presence and to be able to transform one into a menacing Urban Fighter is something we all should enjoy! Each bike is built to order and includes free shipping.

E-Fighter in Action

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