Droog Moto: Urban Fighter Series

Droog Moto Urban Fighter Series

Built to Order, Built to Battle…

We’ve had the pleasure of witnessing the growth and evolution of Droog Moto over the past few years, as the husband/wife team of Max and Erica Droog have developed their signature style, broadened their exposure, and continued to deliver post-apocalyptic brawlers and cafe fighters that would move the stony heart of Mad Max.

Today, we’re thrilled to present the new evolution of Droog Moto: the Urban Fighter Series. Says Max:

“We are changing the game up here at the DM HQ and are becoming a manufacturer now and not just a custom shop. Builds are no longer commissioned from clients but built to order machines.”

Below, we get the full story on these new limited series production machines!

Urban Fighter Series: In the Builder’s Words

As some may know, we are known for our bikes with knobby tires, solid wheels and distressed fuel tanks! That won’t be changing too much but the way our builds will be put in motion is changing. We used to accept commissioned builds or would transform a client’s current bike into our own creations. From this point on we will no longer be accepting commissioned builds but building limited series production machines!

Now, dealing exclusively in the digital world all bikes will be built to order. With currently two models to choose from in our Urban Fighter Series the client can choose from a variety of options.



The first option and our most recent creation in this platform is our DM-015. This particular bike is built around a 250cc engine, the perfect size for city brawling and some off road chaos. DM-015 can be built in an engine size from 250-400cc.

From there the bike is tailor-made to the customer’s specifications (from the handle bar setup, foot peg reach, seat height and even suspension settings). Once completed, the bike will be shipped free of charge directly to your location ready to ride.


Have a need for speed? We have you covered with our DM-014 series. Built using either a 650, 800 or 1000cc engine this fighter has a bit more bite to its specs. This model also is exclusively built for the client to their specs and accommodations.

Both models have a similar design approach with aggressive angular lines and a menacing look. Don’t expect anything less from your personal fighter.

The builds are equipped with adjustable suspension, LED lighting and tons of hand-fabricated parts. The bikes will be built in a limited series run with new models releasing as time progresses. There will never be two of the identical bikes. Models and appearances will be the same but finishes, tires and other small personal touches will each be to their own making your bike that much more exclusive.

Your Urban Fighter can be reserved on our site with a deposit getting you a spot on the list! All builds start at 30k and go up from there. Having a bike built and hand crafted just for you is something you don’t want to miss out on making you not like the others!

You Can’t Ride That! EP. 2 // DM-015

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